Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guide to grocery shopping and more - month by month

I ran across this fabulous information on the maddening world of sales 
and how it all works in terms that more average people as myself 
can understand.  

This is a month - by month guide all layed out for us on what is 
coming up each month in the minds of the people who set up 
all the sales and coupons available for us to use.

All the information is out there available for free on couponing 
and price matching to help us save lots of money if we are 
just willing ot spend just a few minutes a day/week to check it out.  
I know I have been amazed during the past year or so with all of this.  
It's almost scientific in nature how all this works.

This is the link to be able to see just how much of the shopping 
world revolves.  
Be sure to check it out.  I know I am going to be sure to save 
info from this site and refer to it regularly to plan what to watch 
for to shop and be able to save on month after month.  

Good luck to all of you too.  
And Happy matchin' and clippin' safely out there.

Website is:  

Month by month guides are at:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My shopping adventure 1.23.13

Made a trip to Walmart for a few matchups today after checking some of my regular stores for their sales of the week.

Here is a list of a few things I picked up and/or checked on today.

Best Choice green beans, peas, corn $ .39/ea (regularly .68 ea) at Cash Saver   
      at (Greenbrier)
Hunts Ketchup 24 oz. $ .90/ea (regular $1.24 at Cash Saver (Greenbrier)
Pork Sirloin - boneless family pack $1.66/lb (regular $3.38/lb) at Cash Saver (Greenbrier)
Pork chops - boneless $2.48/lb (regular $3.68/lb) at Edward's food giant
Oscar Meyer bologna 12 oz pkg $1.00/ea (regular $1.78/ea) at Craven Foods
Grapes - green $1.98/lb (regular $2.98/lb) at Edward's food giant
Eggs - lg 18 count size $1.88 (regular - forgot to record but great price) at 
      Edward's food giant
Kroger milk - 1/2 gallon size 3/$5 ($1.67/ea = $3.38/gal) at Kroger
Kraft Easy mac (in micro cup) - $ .88/ea (regular $ .98) at Kroger
Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese - $.49/ea (regular $ .88/ea) at Kroger
Great Value saltine crackers - 10/$10 = $1/ea (regular $1.58/ea) at Kroger
Carrots (baby) 1 lb pkg. - $1.00/ea (regular $1.68) at Craven foods
Hamburger Helper -reg box - $ .98/ea (regular $1.50) at Edward's food giant
Ground Beef (73%lean) family pk - $1.98/lb (regular $3.00) at Edward's food giant
Rotel (reg size can) - $ .48/can (reg $.98/can) at Kroger
Kellogg's cereals up to 18.7 oz - $1.99/box (regular $2.98 to $3.48) at Kroger
Post cereals up to 17 oz - $1.99/box (regular $2.98 to $3.48) at Kroger
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 1/2 gal. $2.79 (regular ?) at Kroger

Remember these items were price matched to Heber Springs Walmart store from stores within 50 miles + Little
Rock surrounding areas - which I have consulted my store location to confirm how far they will reach to match.

There are sooo many more sale items out there in paper and online. Just spending a few minutes a couple
times a week is soooo worth the effort.

I did all this and today and saved a LOT of $$$$$$ and without one single coupon Yay but Boo at the same time

Good luck out there. Let me know how you do.

Happy Matchin' and Clippin' safely out there. :)

Gena - Nanny's Nonsense

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

List of stores I use for price matching.

This is a list of stores and days that I 
check to do my price matching to at 
my local Walmart.  
It has all the web addresses included so 
you can find them online as well in print.  

Big Lots 
Cash Saver (only online is in Greenbrier)
Cash Saver (Heber Springs location) Wed-Tue
       (print only - Sun Times - Heber Springs)
City Market (Little Rock)  (Wed- Tue) 
Craven Foods (Fairfield Bay)  (Wed-Tue)
Dollar General  (Sun-Sat)
Dollar Tree  (Wed-Tue)
Edward's Food Giant (Little Rock)  (Wed-Tue)
Family Dollar  (Sun-Sat)
Fred's Discount
Harp's Food Stores  (Wed-Tue)
Home Depot
Knight's Super Foods (Beebe)  (Wed-Tue)
Kroger  (Wed-Tue)
Lowe's Home Center
Parker's Big Star@Quitman (Wed-Tue) 
        (print only)
Sav-a-lot (Wed-Tue)
Sherwood Grocery @Rosebud (Wed-Tue)
       (print only)
Staples (Sun-Sat)
Target (Sun-Sat)
Walgreen's (Sun-Sat)
Wal-Mart  (Sun-Sat)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My matchup sales for the day - Thursday 1.17.13

Hey hey!!  New sales came out yesterday for mainly grocery stores.  
I made a quick run to Wal-mart today.  
Here are the matchup sales I price for today.

*Coffee - lg can (classic or country roast) 
  @ Dollar General - $6.50 ea  (reg $8.98)-till 1/19
*Milk (gallon) @ Parker's big star (Quitman) - $3.49  
  (reg $4.18) - till 1/22
*Pepsi (12pk can all varieties) @ Walgreen 4/$10 =      
  $2.50 ea. - till 1/19
*Post cereal (up to 24 oz) @ Walgreen 2/$5 = $2.50 
  - till 1/19
*Oscar Meyer hotdogs (all) @ Cash Saver $1.45 
  - till 1/22
*Cube Steak (family pk) @ Parker's Big Star - $2.79/lb. 
  (reg. 4.58/lb) till 1/22
*Braburn Apples @ Cash Saver   
  $0.75/lb+10%=$0.83c/lb  - till 1/22
*Ground Beef (family pk) @ Cash Saver 
  $1.69/lb+10% = $1.86/lb  (reg avg $3.00/lb)

These are the things I stocked for today along with a few that I couldn't get a sale on so bought minimal and cost saving size.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday - Hump day :)

Hey Hey Hey - here we are again on a Wednesday.
My favorite day of the week.  Most grocery stores
have their sales out today.  

So I am clickin' and a draggin' and makin' notes on
anything I think I will be interested in on my handy
legal pad.  (Easier to find later, and can spot one sale
cheaper than another on the list)

If you need any help or info on sites, just let me know
My list is for the Heber Springs area and surrounding
approx 50 miles to match up at Wal-mart.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LOVE this site for all it's info on homemade cleaners

This is the site you want to be very sure to bookmark so that you can find it!
It has just about every homemade cleaner I can remember reading lately.

Defintely gonna have this site handy for future reference.

Link is:
Budget101.com - - Homemade Household Cleaners and Detergents | Make Your Own Cleaners

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chocolate Cream Pie (from scratch) Can we all say YUMMY!

This may just be the closest I have found to the homemade chocolate pie's
my mom use to make.  Sure wish she had written down the recipe.

Link is:
Chocolate Cream Pie | Recipe Girl

Cheap homemade brownie mix

Found a homemade brownie mix that will be so very cheap to make and have on hand for those last minute ideas of something to fix for company.  

Link is:  (1) Confessions of Crafty Witches

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh I LOVE this helpful page: 31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money!

So love this page I saw at "One good thing" website.

Great info on all sorts info on saving time and money by freezing things for later.

Make room in those freezers gals.

Website link:  31 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money! | One Good Thing by Jillee

Free coupon to - Taste the rainbow.

Ran across this at one of my fav pages at Passion for Savings, so feel free to check it out and print. You will need to "like" the printing of it on Facebook then register a little info - name and state, then print.  Enjoy a lil taste of the rainbow

Click here to find your "rainbow"  Skittles Coupon | FREE Regular Size Bag of Skittles!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My finds of the day for matchups 1.3.13

I have been checking here and there for sales to do some price matching and so far have a couple of interesitng ones.

All of these sales are based on my location near Heber Springs so I shop at that local Wal-Mart to do my price matching and using coupons, most of the time.  I do try to visit the local stores if they have good sales too so that I can help with my share of shopping locally.  

Heber Springs Wal-Mart has informed me that generally around 50 miles and they will include Little Rock and it's surrounding area.


So far the items I have found that I am interested in are:

Kroger @ delta region  (www.kroger.com)
Kellogg's Cereal     (up to 18 oz.)     $1.88 ea.  (reg approx $2.98-$3.18 ea)
Milk                       (1/2 gallon)        $1.50 ea   (reg $2.24 at W-M)

Edward's Food Giant @ Little Rock  (www.edwardsfoodgiant.com)
General Mills Cereals  (up to 11.8 oz)   $1.98 ea  (also Sav-a-lot as item up to 13 oz for 2/$4.   (reg - approx $2.98-$3.18 @ W-M

Cash Saver @ Greenbrier location  (www.tcgrocery.com/stores/greenbrier/pages/01 )
Best Choice green beans - corn - peas  (15 oz can)   $0.46c ea.
Charmin Basic bath tissue  (16 roll = 32)    $5.50 ea  (= 0.34c/roll)
Cucumbers & Bell Pepper     $0.45c ea.

Cash Saver @ Heber Springs location (in print only in Sun-Times)
Best Choice Milk    gallon size   $ $3.25   (reg $4.18 at W-M)
Ground Beef - family pack     $1.69/lb    (reg avg $3.00/lb for 70 something % lean) lol!

Sherwood Grocery and Wholesale location @ Rosebud  (in print only in Lakeside Shopper)
Eggs - jumbo size  $1.59/doz

Target  (www.target.com)
Foldger's Coffee - 27.8 to 33.9 oz   $6.99ea
Pepsi products  12 pk/12 oz can or 6 pk bottle   4/$11.  ( = 2.75 ea at W-M)

If you find any other great deals within my area - please share.

My email address is hayleesnanny@gmail.com
and I am on Facebook as Gena Thomas  - alias as hayleesnanny
same with Twitter and Pinterest.

You can even contact me and exchange phone #'s and I will try to keep up with letting you know when I find something quickly on clearance/sale/coupon matchups while shopping.

Feel free to comment and even maybe click to follow my blog as I am going to try to write up these things and many others more often as time allows.  

** And happy matchin' and clippin'  :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Check out - Blissful and Domestic

Was just sent a link that I am totally gaga over at the moment with all sorts of great ideas and ways to save money on groceries, etc.  

Be sure to check it out and even bookmark this page as it's a great one to refer back to later.

Blissful and Domestic- Thrifty Living, Homeschool, and Big Smiles

Website link: 


Facebook page: