Monday, July 25, 2011

Add a Headphone Wrapper to Your iPod Case with Two Buttons [DIY]

Such a cool and simple idea.  Headphones are always a problem and getting tangled!  

With just a few buttons and a bit of thread, you can add a built-in cable wrapper to any gadget case to keep your headphones close by and tangle-free. More »

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haylee's Birthday Present - - - -for Gramps

Haylee has gotten pretty good at painting stuff lately and totally loves it.
So I found an unpainted birdhouse at Wal-mart for her to make 
for her Grandpa's birthday.  

We painted 2 coats on each side.  One side each day so it 
took some patience for her to let them dry and wait till the next 
day to do another color on another side. 

Uh Nanny . . . . . I got too much paint on here!  
(ck out her eyes)  
I could barely take the pic and keep a straight face.  :)

Just gotta LOVE that lil' face!!!!

Haylee's finished birdhouse for her Gramp's for his birthday.
I think she did a spectacular job on it. 
( I helped line up the letters but that's about it.)

She picked the colors, which sides to be each color, etc.  

And the MOST surprising of all, she actually kept it 
quiet for the entire week.  

That was the tougher part of the project than anything.  lol!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prescription from Dr. Mom

I just adore this idea of a Dr. Mom prescription for a good day 
and so many other cute notes to family. Thanks Pharma!

I found this on blog.
Click on this link and create your own prescriptions for fun!