Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adding a little Bling always helps.

Over the past couple of years I have fell in love with adding some 
tiny rhinestones onto even the simpliest of t-shirts.

No matter how cheap the shirt - a little bling here and there 
really brightens it up and makes it much more personalized.  

Here are a few pics of a couple of shirts I added stones to for Haylee.
She is always so excited to see them when they are done. 

It's so hard to get a good close up but here goes.

I used a plain, simple t-shirt

Before stones:

After adding stones:

In person, it makes such a huge adorable difference to spend just a few
minutes on adding these stones to just about anything.

These are the little iron on rhinestones I purchased at 
Walmart craft section.

Directions that I used for this are:

* Piece of a box cut to size to fit inside of tshirt
* Rhinestones
* Lightweight scrap of fabric
* Tweezers
* Iron

I have a piece of a box that I have cut for placement inside 
of the shirt between the front and back of the shirt.

Since the stones are so small, I use tweezers to place in just
a few key places, trying here and there until I think they
are just right.  Not to few - not too many.  

Then cover with a lightweight piece of scrap material and press 
with a hot iron (I turn off the steam feature)

Slowly remove cover cloth and let cool.

After the item has a bit of time to cool off, I turn the item inside out 
and pull over the end of the ironing board and press the back side of the stones.  
Just a bit extra to make sure they have adheared enough.
I usually wait a couple of days before laundering the item.
So far I have had very few ever come off and some have been 
worn, washed and dried many times.

Here is another simple shirt I got at Walmart that I 
added a bit of bling to.  
I love this color of green.

** Caution:  it's addicting!  lol!

Have fun adding more bling to your world too.  
Don't know if you could ever truly have "too much" bling.  :)

New dress for lil Bug

I finally got around to posting the newest lil pillowcase dress I finished for Haylee Bug.
I had so much trouble making up my mind what colors to use in the ruffle and tie.

Even made a big puffy clip hairbow along with a small one for wearing on the side.
Couldn't find ribbon to match enough to use for the drawstring ties, so just cut long
strips of the material I used for the ruffle and made it's own string ribbons.

I have a small stock of materials and Haylee has now informed me that she wants
more and has went through the stack and has a standing order for about 8 more
(as of now at least) made just like it.  Silly girl!

Felt Tic Tac Toe Bag

Recently I saw a post - somewhere (wish I could remember) that had a felt 
homemade tic tac toe game and I instantly fell in love with it.  
I changed a few things about it so I didn't have to sew all the parts - only  
the bag - which could be glued also.

I love little projects that are this simple.  
Two pieces of felt cut into a square.
Two other colors for circle game pieces 
Velcro for closing the bag
and some puffy paint.

That's it.  

Except for some glue if you want to glue the project
If not just stitch the two squares together.

I put a couple of pieces of peel and stick velcro  inside the
edge for closing pieces inside of bag.

Paint on divider lines and x's and o's on game pieces and 

I think that is the hardest part of it all.

Once dry, play.  :)

Would be great to pack into any travel bag or in the car for playing with.  
Since the pieces are felt, they almost stick together so would be great fun anywhere.  

Wish I could remember what site I saw this on so I could give credit to them.  
Thanks to whomever.  LOVE the project!

Knowing When and How to Stockpile Groceries

Great article on creating a home stockpile when you are using those coupons and price matching.

Here are couple of pics of my lil beginnings of a stockpile from sales matchups and coupons.

Thanks for a great article.

Link is:
Knowing When and How to Stockpile Groceries

Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Bleach Gel

Since we all need a bleach pen from time to time to get those spots 
out of the whites, here is a homemade recipe for it.  

I have also seen many ideas to use bleach gel pins on dark clothing 
to make designs on.

DIY Bleach Gel

Thanks to "My honey's place" for all the great ideas.  

Link is:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adorable paper shape critters

I have been following this site for quite a while now and they always come up 
with the most adorable paper ideas to make.
I am defintely in love with this newest post.  

Ican't upload the pic to this post - but trust me - you 
will want to check them out and print some 
for yourself too.  :)

Thanks to Mini-eco for another great post!

link is:

Friday, July 5, 2013

The top 10 Dollar Store buys (and what NOT to try!)

Totally great article by that has lots of info on what items
are super to buy while at a dollar store, along with some things to steer clear of.

I know I totally love Dollar Tree.  I could spend all day in there coming up with 
all sorts of ideas for this and that.

And btw,  don't forget - they take coupons.  :D

best dollarstore buys

Thanks to howdoesshe for the GREAT info!

Link is: