Thursday, July 25, 2013

Felt Tic Tac Toe Bag

Recently I saw a post - somewhere (wish I could remember) that had a felt 
homemade tic tac toe game and I instantly fell in love with it.  
I changed a few things about it so I didn't have to sew all the parts - only  
the bag - which could be glued also.

I love little projects that are this simple.  
Two pieces of felt cut into a square.
Two other colors for circle game pieces 
Velcro for closing the bag
and some puffy paint.

That's it.  

Except for some glue if you want to glue the project
If not just stitch the two squares together.

I put a couple of pieces of peel and stick velcro  inside the
edge for closing pieces inside of bag.

Paint on divider lines and x's and o's on game pieces and 

I think that is the hardest part of it all.

Once dry, play.  :)

Would be great to pack into any travel bag or in the car for playing with.  
Since the pieces are felt, they almost stick together so would be great fun anywhere.  

Wish I could remember what site I saw this on so I could give credit to them.  
Thanks to whomever.  LOVE the project!

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