Monday, June 29, 2015

My personal opinion - take it or leave it.

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I have tried to remain neutral on this flag news, new rules of marriage, civil disputes, along with quite a few varying opinions of history - which remember - there are ALWAYS 3 sides to ALL stores - mine, yours and the truth.

I tried not to add to the frenzy for as long as I can.

My rant now begins. 

Whether anyone cares or not, here is my opinion.

I just finished hearing and reading yet MORE stories about arguing and controversy about which flag this and which flag that.

But OMG!!!! 

Enough is enough!!!

First of all, I am proud to be a northern born girl adopted and raised by deep rooted God believing, Arkansas parents.

I was always taught that:

NO ONE - whether they be rich or poor, black or white, pink, purple or zebra stripped, and no matter your history or my history, or our personal version of our history, no matter of religion background or no belief of any, or even whichever sexual preferences, - NOT ONE of us are in ABSOLUTELY NO way, shape, or form,  one single bit better than ANY other one of us.

We are so close to yet another anniversary of our Nation's most tragic "human" initiated event ever - which we all know as 9-11.

Do we too quickly forget just how all of every type of man woman and child, banded together to bury our lost ones, and all greive for them TOGETHER?

Do we all seem to forget too quickly, that we are suppose to be the UNITED States of America?? 

Land of the Free and home of the Brave?  Thankful for those who did fight for and lose their lives and family to enable us to live in a free land to make the choices we all have?

Isnt' that exact freedom of life, liberty and choices what the UNITED States of America is to be all about being the "great melting pot" of all types of people from all around the world.

I always was lead to believe and in my heart still do, that we are suppose to be setting examples of how other countries should strive to be. Not to run from.

Can we NOT just become United in our country and celebrate the upcoming birthday of this freedom on 4th of July together?

Isn't that what we were all reminded of on the tragic September 11th?  

I so very much hope and pray we, and our children never have to see another event such as this but for EVERYONE to become as one again!!

It so deeply hurts saddens my heart to see such a display of confrontation between so many various groups. 

Can we not all be ONE Nation together to help and support all? 

Shouldn't we be lifting each other up instead of criticizing and knocking someone over to make our excuse seem bigger?

Don't we all have enough hatred, sadness, loss and struggle in our own daily lives to try to deal with the best way we know how, that we allow others that don't seem to have enough of a personal life, have to take it upon themselves to cause others sadness, loss and hatred and turmoil?

Please for whatever your reason or belief or history that your opinion is, PLEASE stop feeding the crazy nonsense frenzy and get back in touch with the basic HUMANITY of ALL!!!!


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