About me

Here is a bit of randomness about me, myself and I, 

and a few of the happy, full of life, bonkers, creative, 

silly, fun luvin' people  to whom I am so very proud 

to enjoy this ride along with me - called My Life. 
**((  At least my view and opinions of it.   hehe!  ))** 

Now for the into of the cast and crew of this lil soap opra: 

Me:  Gena

 I am a stay at home - wife, mom, stepmom, daughter,and nanny.
Yes lots of rolls for all my favorite people.

 I am married to my best friend, Larry for 19 yrs now (as of now) 
One grown daughter - Ashley,  
3 amazing grown stepchildren - Jason, Angela and Joey, 
2 gorgeous step-grandchildren, Alli and Caleb: 
and (I am honored to say I consider all my
"step" children - my children too as they have always had 
and will continue to have a very special place in my heart) 
along with one extremely full of life step-granddaughter, 
 Haylee - almost 5 (who is the real boss) who lives with us 
and is truly the light of our lives, 
My mother also lives with us and suffers from dementia - Melba.    
And last but certainly not the least of the voices to keep me hopping, 
our 9 yr. old min-pin Weebee T. Grasshopper, 
who thinks he is the sole protector in the household and takes 
his job very seriously, protecting us from even 
neighbors driving by. hehe.  :)

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