Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tree stubbies

I just noticed in my first picture of Haylee, there are lots of stumps) around her.  We call them stubbies since thats what they are looking like.  :)  They are almost never ending.  We had to have close to 100 huge pine trees cut out down all around our house.  We had a bad drought last year along with epps (or ipps) beetles attacking the trees and almost every one was dying.  We had a logger come in to take them down since there were so many of them.  Even a lifetime logger was amazed at how much timber resulted from all the trees.  We still have several other types left, but safer ones and neater ones at least.  My husband, Larry has been working continuously on cleaning up the tops and leftover debris from all the dropped trees.  He has certainly stuck to it and done a year of work in just a few short weekends.  Gotta luv that luvin man of mine.  :)

Our lil Princess Ballerina Tap Dancin' Cheerleadin' Frog Catchin' Puddle Jumpin' Old Fashion Country Tom Girl.

Hello there, 
Well this is my very first entry in a blog.  I have been following many, for quite some time and have become addicted to reading and trying all sorts of stuff.  

I mulled over so many ideas to get started on this, but no luck.  So I guess I will just jump right in.  

I figure I will be posting most often about our lil Miss Haylee, so why not just start it off with letting you in on our "adventures" in life.  lol.

Meet our lil Haylee.  Normally referred to as Haylee Bug more often, lil Miss Mess.  She is our granddaugher who is 4, going on 5 soon, or as she would state it, I'm not just 4 - I'm almost 5 now.  :)  

Haylee is such a life loving child.  And has her Gramps totally and tightly wrapped around her lil finger.  

Haylee lives with us full time and it's a definite challenge on a daily basis, to distinguish the difference between being a grandparent and a parent.  Haylee has lived with us since she was a month old and Gramps is definitely one that has to be reminded that we have to at least try to be strong and stand our ground at times, or she will wrap him up even tighter. lol!  

Haylee loves getting into just about anything.  Learning all sorts of stuff including crafts with me, dance/tap class, cheerleading class, daycare/preschool (2 days a week)  or outside seeing what to get into with her favorite guys - Gramps and Weebee (oh btw, Weebee T. Grasshopper is our min pin who is 9 yrs old and thinks he's the boss,  at least till Haylee tells him different since she is the REAL boss around here. )

Haylee wants Gramps to give her a turn trying to do some mowing for him.  Not!  :)  But doesn't stop her from pretending anyway.  :P

But check our the boots in the wardrobe choice of the day, which she has several pairs, and most of the time if you drive by our house, and if she's outside, she has boots on with just about anything!