Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Haylee in tap dance class 2011-2012

A video clip of Haylee with her class for tap dance.  Silly girl got a pair of new hiking type boots to join her ever expanding pile of boots.  A bit boot crazy.  :)  But the silly thing wore then for the very first time  - withOUT socks,  resulting in a nice bright red blister.  OUCH!  So ballet shoes for the week.  :P  

Haylee at Cheerleading class February 2012 (5 1/2 yrs old)

A lil video clip of Haylee at one of her two favorite things to go to which is Cheerleading class with Miss Alexis and her friends.  They definitely have a blast!  Even though they seem to goof off at times, it's amazing how Alexis works them.  
We are on spring break this week from public schools, so there is no dance/cheer classes.  It's only Tuesday so missing the first of two classes, and she is already going bonkers wondering how long this week is going to take to be over and get back to class.  Silly girl.  :)

Anyhoo, there will be a recital in May with all the classes performing at our local park, so they are working hard since it won't be long.  Such a cute enthusiastic group of girls!

Go Grace Angels!!!!