Saturday, March 8, 2014

To my monster

Well, well Mr Monster.

It's been a while since I stopped by here to have a bit of a chat with you.  

I know it' been an up and down road the past (almost) 6 wks but I feel like 
you are grip is just a little more lose on me.  
I know at times I  have to still buckle under the pressure of this new little tool in my 
arsenal especially when you throw a curve ball of being sick.  
You will do just about anything won't you.  Even cheat like that.

Well, I went to see my newest allies yesterday, and we re-evaluated our progress 
so far and have even a tougher plan in the works for this war with you.

Yes, I know you have had such a tough hold on me for so many years, but enough.  
Enough with the foods that I am not suppose to have and would buckle under the 
bullying peer pressure from tv, society, nerves, boredom, etc.

It's MY time.  I am taking it back!  Taking my life back under my control!

It's only a small matter of time, a it's a slow, daily stragegic process 
and with all healed and tolerances built back up . . . . 

You are NOW on notice!!!  I'm coming for you!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My rant on weight loss surgery being cheating

I have hooked up with a couple of Facebookpages and are gaining some great friends that have had weight loss surgeries of all different types.  

I am so saddened and disgusted when I see many posts on these pages that people always accuse them of cheating by having this surgery.   

I think it's pretty dam sad that one has to make fun of another for succeeding in whatever way possible to lose this weight and win the battles against food and ALL of the health disease issues that come along with it just to justify themselves for not doing something about it.  

In doing this, have we really outgrown the school days of bullying one because they have something different than us? We fuss about so much bullying going on in our schools with our youth's today.  What about ourselves????????

Since, following through with my extremely thoroughly investigated decision to try to get a grip on my own health, by having the gastric bypass surgery instead of loosing battle I was not winning with the diabetes and facing insulin dependency, along with all of the sad and terrible ongoing things that are associated with this terrible diabetic society.

I am not usually one that uses non-nice language on here, in this case, I really need to!

So to whomever says it's the easy way out - Bullshit!  and try it if you think it's easy.  

Would you consider, having to be careful with absolutely every single choice of bite you take, size and what it is along with every single sip you take in?

If each and every bite and sip are not just right, I am in pain and totally miserable for a bit that makes that tiny sip or tiny bite soooo NOT worth it!

My stomach pouch is now my extremely strict Sergeant with arms that will put me on my knees if it doesn't approve.

Counting each toward each and every protein you are suppose to carefully get along with each and every vitamin I will be continually be changing according to what I am low on, for the rest of my life also.

I cannot have a choice to cheat for that meal, that bite or that drink!!!!!

This surgery is a TOOL!  A tool that can be used or abused.  I have one shot at using this tool to my health benefit my personal life quality and expectency.

Many are younger, more active, ability, etc, and so with that, you have a tool of advantage.  So we are not so unequal after all.

I don't challenge anyone to just lose the weight.  I challenge each and everyone to GET HEALTHY!  

Yes I am succeeding, but it's a lifelong decision that can't be undone like dropping of a diet for a meal, or a day or an impulse or splurge.

It's something that affects my family as much as myself.
Which I have the most fab family and friends that is all for this, seeing what the alternative of not doing anything is doing to me/us.  

Many people who have made this decision of surgery, have even lost many life long and close friends, and family members due to their choice.

It would break my heart for that to happen as we never have enough people in our lives anyway.  But so be it if that be necessary.

My life - my health, and my immediate family are the people I am answering to.  And my God.  That's it.