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Wanna see what's in my crockpot for dinner?

Yumm!!!  Look what I have simmering in my crockpot today.

Anticipation is already making my mouth water and driving me bananas.  lol!

I have made this recipe before and trust me - it's DIVINE!!!

Click on link to see just how simple this recipe is.
Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings Recipe -

Homemade flavored Oatmeal packages

All of my family LOVE flavored oatmeal and the packages are so convenient but costly

Sooo when I recently I found a great sale on large boxes of 1 minute oatmeal the wheels 
began turning.  

Can't wait to start making these simple packages.  Haylee will love helping, I'm sure.

And sooo yummy - and no preservatives as store bought types have.  :)

(p.s.  I am also planning on adding a lil cinnamon in my pkgs also.)

Go to this link for the full recipe and simple instructions:
Amy Loves Her Life!!!!: Who likes saving money?

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Wednesday Ads

List of the store ads search each Wednesday 
for sales and price match 
(till the next Tue night)

*Cash Saver  (local paper - online at Greenbrier)       

*Craven Foods (Fairfield Bay)

*Edward's Food Giant (Little Rock)

*Harp's Grocery

*Knight's Super foods (Beebe)

*Kroger (everywhere)

*Parker's Big Star (Quitman)  local paper only

*Sherwood grocery (Rosebud)  local paper only

Friday, December 7, 2012

Shopping adventure 12.6.12

After checking some store sales, online and in print, and made a list of items I 
was interested in.  I then checked to see if any coupons would work along with the 
sales. Luck has it I did have some.

So wrapped up my list, and a bit of coupons too and off we go to Walmart to use our matchups.

Here is a pic of some of the biggest items I matched up.

Here's a breakdown of the main items I saved on which are in this picture.

                                 Reg. $                                Cost $                       $ Saved

Flour                $1.98 x 2 = $ 3.96          $1.50 x 2 =  $3.00        $  96 c.
Sugar               $2.98 x 2 = $ 5.96          $1.99 x 2 =  $3.96         $1.98
Oats                 $4.12 x 4 =  $16.48        $2.49 x 4 =   $9.96        $6.52
Peanuts           $3.50 x 6 = $21.00        $2.49 x 6 = $14.94        $6.06    (including coupon)
Eggs                 $1.89 x 4 =  $  7.56        $ .99 x 4 = $  3.96        $3.60    (including coupon)
Candy              $ .68 x 6 = $ 4.08          $ .34 x 6  = $2.04          $ 1.36    (including coupon)
Pepperoni       $2.00 x 8 - 16.00          $ .50 x 8 = $4.00           $ 12.00  (including coupon)
Green beans   $ .68 x 30 = 20.40        $ .39 x 30 = 11.70          $ 8.70
Corn (reg)      $ .69 x 10 = 6.80           $ .39 x 10 = 3.90             $ 2.90
Corn (cream) $ .69 x 10 = 6.80           $ .39 x 10 = 3.90             $2.90
                    Total reg price                 Purchase price              Saved
                       $ 109.04                         62.08                        $46.98   Woo Hoo!

Savings of $46.98 on this trip on the main items I purchased.  I did have other matchups
with sales and coupons, but smaller savings here and there.  

Since I saved over $46 - it's just the same as getting a raise this week of over $1 per hour
And not one single thing is something I wouldn't purchase anyway or at least want to try 
new item.  

You can do this too if you follow along with us on our shopping adventures.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday - here's my funny for the day. lol!

Lol.  I know, I know - doesn't rhyme a bit but 
it was, at least, comical to create.

Hope you join us over at our facebook page - 
Best deals by Farr

and check out what we are up to with sales, 
matchups, coupons, along with much more.  

Hope to see ya there.  :) - Gena

Monday, December 3, 2012

Canning raw ground beef.

Ran across this site and was amazed how easy this could be.
Read below.

O.k I'm a canning fool today.
Now I'm onto hamburger.Canning meat raw pack is sooo easy!
I packed the jars full of raw hamburger .There is ...

Canning Turkey

I am very fascinated lately with the idea of trying some canning.  Veggies, fruits, and yes, even meats.
I have been reading up on it a bit and it seems to be even possible to can meats.

Can you imagine if your refrigerator or freezer went out, tight budget weeks, or even power outages.
How amazing it would be to have meat stored you could simply open and serve.  Wow.
Think I see a pressure canner in my future.  (and yes a bit of work, but wow - the savings you could
get out of this is endless!!)

Suzy Homefaker: CANNING TURKEY:
 I know many people like to freeze meat, but nothing in my mind, compares to it being canned. It flavors (marinades)  it over time and prote...

My lil stockpile is growing!

As some of you know, for about 6-8 weeks now, I have been 
trying a little better lately to work on price matching and 
couponing to try to save a bit of money here and there.  

Which is actually a blast to do.  What a rush to know you saved 
X amount of dollars on the stuff you are loading into the car 
instead of groaning over how much has been spent on what you 
just purchased. 

I have added a couple of pics of my lil "stockpile" I have started.
Not too much as of now, but growing each week.  And we invested
in a new upright freezer to be able to stock up on meats, etc
that can be frozen.

It's so exciting to know that if there is an emergency of just about

any type, I have the grocery bill covered for, as of now a month
or two except for milk and fresh fruit/veggies.

We are also planning on starting a small garden of some veggies
that we can do a little canning and freezing of.  
(Hmm - guess I will be learning how to can. lol!)

With gaining on my lil stockpile, I am finding it so much easier 
to decide on what to fix for meals.  My cabinets are full and 
now the extra's are available to use from when needed.

And with that is a HUGE thank you to my dear hubby and friend.
Even though at first thought this all was a bit silly, but as he began 
seeing the saving experience growing, quickly jumped on the
bandwagon and did what he could do to help by creating a lil
corner room to store our stuff in. 

You know how it is when you aren't really in the mood to cook 
anyway, have to look through all the cabinets - more than once
usually, only to find you don't have this or that or the other thing
to be able to fix the thing you come up with to cook for your 
family dinner.

Well, now I have many choices since I have a list of all of my main
things - fancy and simple, that we make on a regular basis, I am 
gradually getting extra of all the ingredients to make all of those

My granddaughter, Haylee is loving the idea of a "store" and has 
moved her play cash register and play grocery basket into the room 
also, and LOVES it when I ask her to go shopping for this or that.  

The first time I asked her to go get something, she handed it to me,
I said 'Thank you" and started to walk off back to the kitchen.
She quickly jumped in front of me and said - wait a minute ma'am.
You forgot something.  Puzzled - I couldn't figure out what it may be.
She said I forgot to pay her.  Bahaha!  Kids!

Below are a couple of the pics I took a week or so ago.  Of course 
have added a little bit more since then.

And you know the best part of all of this is:  I can honestly look at
this stuff and know I got all but maybe 10-15% of this was bought
with a price match and/or coupon therefore saving money and using
that money to buy a few more of each thing to - create a bit of stock.

Remember never buy one - buy two and put one of them aside for later.

You may wonder how to keep up with the dates expiration dates?

Piece of cake (or pie or green beans.  lol!)  Only have to check your
items 2 times a year - when the time changes, you turn your clocks
back or forward, change the smoke alarm batteries, and - go through
your stock.  Within one or two months of expiration  you can already
have pulled to the front the last time the time changed.