Friday, September 13, 2013

My shopping adventure 9/13/13

I made a run to Walmart for some matchup shopping.  
Scored some great deals on meats and made sure to stock up a bit.  :)

So pumped at the savings I got today by checking ads in local paper 
and checking out a very few websites.  
No coupon clipped at all for these savings I have listed!
I did have several for other things with little savings here and there.  
I don't think I bought over a dozen items not on sale and/or coupons.

LOVE IT!  Talk about a fun game.  hehe!

Here are some of my matchups so you can try to grab some too.  
(I wrote how many I purchased of each so you can see the
totals at the end.

I purchased:

2x Ground chuck (family pk) matched to 
Sherwood Grocery for $13.15 (2.38/lb) to 
Walmart price of $19.98 ($3.56/lb)
**That's a savings of $6.83/per pkg!!

2x Chicken breast (frozen 5 lb bag store brand) matched to 
Edward's Food Giant $5.98 (avg. 1.19/lb) to 
Walmart price of $11.98 (avg 2.40/lb)
** That's a savings of $6.00/bag ($1.21/lb)!!

2x Cube Steak (family pk) matched to 
Sherwood Grocery $2.29/lb
Walmart $4.48/lb
**That's a savings of $2.20/lb

Other saving items were:

3x Eggs - medium store brand
Parker's Big Star (Quitman) $.89/doz
Walmart $1.74/doz
**Savings of $.85/per doz.

4x General Mills Cereals up to 21.6 oz
Knight's Super Foods - 2/$5 ($2.50 ea)
Walmart - avg price $3.98
**Savings of 1.46/per box

4x Shredded Cheese - store brand 8 oz
Cash Saver @ Greenbrier - 1.46+10%=$1.61/ea
**Walmart - $2.18
Thats a savings of $0.57/per pkg

4x Kraft cheese singles (16 slices)
Kroger - $1.49/pkg
Walmart $2.98/pkg
**That's savings of 1/2 = $1.49 saved per pkg.

4x Pringles - any variety regular can
Cash Saver (Heber) $0.75/ea+10%=$.83
Walmart $1.50 each
**Thats a savings of $0.67/per can

2x Oscar Meyer bacon 12-16oz pkg
Kroger $4.99
Walmart - forgot to write down but almost postive
it was about $2. off.

I forgot to check the savings but you ought to on 
Top sirloin steaks (family pack)
Sherwood Grocery - $3.49/lb
Walmart - ?

On the meats I purchased 2 pkgs of each 
and Walmart price would have been $72.08
I matched them and only paid $44.24
***I saved $27.84 on just meats with matchups
*(not counting top sirloin savings)

On a total of savings:
Walmart - $121.86
My price match down to $72.03 on items listed.

That's just on the items that I wrote here.  
I had smaller savings and didn't track them as good.

Remember - you do NOT have to present the ads 
when checking out - this is CORPORATE policy.

It is so much easier if you check out with all your
price matching items all together and your list ready
therefore you present yourself as you know what 
you are talking about.  
I try my best to make sure the cashier has all the info
she needs on which store, price per lb. for that size, etc.

And don't forget to be nice.  
Stand your ground if you happen to have a question 
from the cashier.  Never be afraid to ask for supervisor cashier.

Many times the cashier's or the supervisors come up
to me and ask what I have saved on today.  
Talk about fun!  That's a blast.  I have many times
handed over my list to someone else or just fill
them in on the info.  

I do this so often I hardly ever get any questions, 
but never know, once in a while someone does 
balk.  I have even had the supervisor do so too, 
but when I explain and have them check their 
own "corporate" rules, it's usually resolved 
very easily.  

And look at the savings that is sooooo well worth it!!

And have fun!!!

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