Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hmmm!! Clothespin stress reliever????

I just love the website with the gals over at 
Household Magic Daily Tips.

They are always coming up with the most fab ideas.

This one definitely caught my attention and and to check into it further. 
Here is the post that I am sooo gonna have to try:  

If you're feeling anxious and need to relax, and you have some clothespins lying around (the kind that pinch real tight), here’s what to do: Grab five clothespins, and clip one to the tip of each finger of your left hand, right at the start of the fingernails. Keep them there for seven minutes. Then put those clothespins on the fingers of your right hand for another seven minutes. Pressure exerted on these nerve endings is known to relax the entire nervous system.
Do this clothespin bit first thing in the morning if you wake up feeling tense and before, during or right after any particularly nerve-racking situation (job interview...difficult relatives coming...skydiving).

Note:  if you see me with clothespins on my fingers, just think 
"calm - calm - calm"  

(although the skydiving part is a bit of a stretch for me - on the other hand 
laundry day  . . . guess it will be an asset to hang out laundry.  *wink!)

** Note to self **
Maybe next time start the clothespin stress reliever AFTER completing the post about them.  
The clothespins keep bumping in to other keys.  : P

Thanks girls over at Household magic daily tips for another great article!!!!

Link to this article is at:

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