Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My successful matchup shopping trip.

Today I hit Walmart with my extra large coupon binder and a 2 page 
list of store items to check out and seeing if it's the best deals 
(or sometimes not).

I had a lot of fun and each time learn quite a bit each time. 

All went very smoothly without incident as my previous adventure was.

Also, had Haylee with me, (which is a fab life lesson for our homeschool hours),
so she uses one cart to have regular priced items/and coupons matches only, 
and I have a basket with price matchups and/or coupons.

I had very close to $60 of coupons.  And LOTS of price matchups.  

Many weren't but a few cents here and there but all adds up.

Here is a list of a few of my fav's.

(please keep in mind, I live near Heber Springs, AR 
so these are prices near my town)

General Mills cereals (up to 13 oz)  
Wm - $2.82-$2.98  = Edward's Food Giant - $1.48 + -50c. coupon.

Oscar Meyer bacon (1 lb pkg) 
Wm $4.48 = Knight's Super Foods - $1.99 ea

Bush's baked beans (28oz) 
WM $1.98 = Edward's Food Giant - $1.78 + - 50c. coupon

Angel Soft bath tissue (24 roll) 
WM $ 10.97 = Cash Saver@Newport $5.45+10% = $6.05

Paper Mate Ink Joy pens (8ct)  
WM $3+? = Staples - $1.00/pk

Planters Peanuts 16 oz - 
Wm $3,50 = in store coupon from Family Dollar insert $3.00

And remember - like I stated earlier,  I had LOTS of coupons and many small matchups that add up really quickly!

Also, I NEVER buy anything with or without a matchup with coupon and sale if I wouldn't already purchase it or want to try it anyway!

A hint to help a LOT when you get to the register that will make things run SOOO much smoother, is make sure to carry the smalles size of  "post it" notes, and write where you are matching and the price, and stick it to the items.  

When I saw on a site to do that - it helps sooooo much!

Also, I try my best to group all my "like" items together as I set them on the belt, and try to seperate the price matches seperate from the regular priced items.

You will be amazed at how easy, and how much fun it could be to play this.

And you save money at the same time.  

With all the coupons and price matchups I had along with using Ibotta (a phone app)
I think I saved approximately $136.00 in all.

It's like getting free turns on the board of Monopoly and landing on Free Parking.

Remember, have fun!  
KNOW the rules!  
Play fair and enjoy!!!

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