Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creating a work/play/craft room

My darlin' hubby has been working on helping make a room of my own as a computer, crafty, office, couponing, playin', quiet time-getaway and create room.

I have never had all my crafty items all in one place, usually tucked here and there all over the house.  From sewing machine and accessories, in one room, to painting and accessories, scattered here and there along with all the little craft accessories to do with Haylee.  

Even added my computer and files to call it a bit of an office.  (So I could say I was "working" not playing)  lol!!

We even added a little work area for Haylee to spend time in here coloring, lil crafting projects, etc.  So much for the quiet part of this.  lol!!  

Well, I have almost got all of it worked out and now trying to organize and come up with some touches of color here and there.  

I keep leaning toward turquoise - that is after figuring out the difference between turquoise and teal.  Very close - yet very different.  If not careful, I keep leaning to teal then correct myself.  :P

I have had a heck of a time coming up with several things to try to add to my new room.  One of them is flowers.  Can't seem to find any type of turquoise flower that might work.
So after my frustration, a light came on  - Ding!!!  

Paint some flowers.  So off to Wal-mart to get simple white flowers and some turquoise craft paint.  

Here are a few of the pics I took of the process.  Actually had a blast making them.  May try my own colors from now on instead of the so called not perfect - perfect manufactured ones that never quite work.  :P

First step - take the flower apart

I mixed just a little water to the paint so it would spread easier

Start in center and apply pretty thick.  Then gradually pull outward with your brush
as far as you want it to go.  

I brought paint out almost all the way to the ends on the under large layer of the flower
Don't reload brush with more paint, just drag from center - outwards.

The top large layer of flower, I didn't bring paint out as far so tips would be more white.
Repeated the same thing with the very center of petals of flower - leaving tips white to accent it.
Now the hard part - wait for it to dry a little bit.  

Then just put petals back onto center stem and replace onto sticks of 
the original bunch of stems and leaves and WA - LA.  

Original flowers just as nature intended.  None exactly precise, but
perfect in it's own way.  :)

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