Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waiting and missed opportunities. Ugg? - or - maybe not!

Seems like the new year should bring new beginnings, new starts even if it's to the same old traditional resolutions.

Ugg!  I think I am getting more behind on my normal stuff instead of getting ahead and more organized, which was my resolution for this brand new year.

Seems as if the more hurried  I go, the more behind-er I get!
(I know, I know not proper grammar - one of the southern things I guess.  
I remember my mom saying this and it fits more as time flies)

Why do we put off starting this and that and the other thing until the brand new year, months, week?

Sometimes I often wonder how long we spend waiting.  Are we "waiting" our lives away?

Waiting our turn to play when young, waiting for our mom and dad to help, waiting for friends, waiting on fresh baked cookies, waiting on our favorite cartoon show.

Now grown up we wait for others as much as for ourselves.  Waiting at stores, Dr's offices, drive-thru's, waiting on kids, husbands, phone calls, time to go, etc, etc, etc.

It hit me on the head pretty hard during a recent visit in the doctor's office.  There were 4 of us in the waiting room.  

Four strangers, no one greeting each other, no one chatting to the other, no one offering the newest magazine when they got thru with it, talking about the weather, etc, but  NOTHING!  We all sat quiet in our own little worlds with our cell phones.  

For some unknown reason, in this great big universe of all sorts of people, all 4 of us were in the same room, waiting!  All reading our cell phones, but no one will ever know what the reason may have been as no one spoke up to the other.   Hmm!

Now I'm not really the type to start a conversation first, but . . . .  Who knows, did we miss a great opportunity to visit and maybe make a new friend?

Ok back to the waiting thing.  (a bit off track but that was a light bulb moment for me.)

We wait for the new year, new month, new week, new day to start something we know we should or ought to do anyway.

With all the time we spend fussing for sitting in line at a light, waiting here and there, and everywhere,  - why not take advantage of that time to be more constructive?

I don't think we are waiting our life away as much as we spend fussing it away about waiting.  Wait - does that make sense.  lol!

With each day we wake, it's a new beginning, each hour we enter is a new hour, with each moment and each breath - it's a new beginning.  

We are only granted a certain number of breaths, moments, days, months, and years.  And I am as guilty as anyone of taking them for granted.

We need - desperately - to make the most of each breath, moment, day month, year!


Not next year, next month, next week, or tomorrow!  We or someone we are close to just may not be here to wait on or for.  I think this is the "Live with no regret's" phrase comes in..

Now I know as well as anyone, that life takes turns we are not ready for and we all have moments that we don't take advantage of or are feeling fussy, etc, but we have GOT to try our very best to use those moments to grab one of those moments - and use it well!  Turn around and face whatever is at us with a smile and squeeze the fire out of that moment until it has nothing left and then onto the next moment to do something new with it also.

Oops!  Back to the waiting -again.  Are you waiting?  lol!  :)  (My head is swimming with these two issues for some reason.)  

What to do to make that a little more comfortable to handle.  

I now wonder if maybe we all need to lay down those phones,laptops, books, magazines, and do a little more self-aligning and meditation and most of all -prayer.  

We all wish we had a little quiet time to ourselves.  Well, what is this we have in front of us in the car waiting at a stoplight or where ever else?  Just a moment here and there could be monumental!!

Not using this time to always reflect and/or regret, plan or strategize, but to be IN that exact moment - with ourselves.  Sometimes it might even be a bit scary to be alone with ourselves.  Therefore we need time to look at our qualities.  Good and bad.  

I once heard Dr. Phil explain, either you are bringing to a relationship (of ANY type) or you are a user in it.  

Let's all try to be a little more of a bringing and giving person than one that just expects it.

I think we would find time goes by a little smoother and definitely a more peaceful self.

I think  that is my new resolution.  To try to be a more patient "wait-er" of sorts.  Try to use that time to not think of what all I am suppose to be or ought to be doing, but taking that time to look inward.

Take the time you have, and enjoy the small moments of 'waiting'.  
To enjoy the butterfly moments of our lives, instead of rushing them away.  
Enjoy the beauty of that moment.

Hope you have a great "wait" the next time you are in line. 
Until then - may you find peace within. 

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