Friday, February 1, 2013

How do I price match? Take a look!

I have had several inquiries as to just how I am able to do all this price matching at
Wal-Mart from so many stores so here goes. Any questions - just let me know.
It's not perfect by no means, but it great works for me.
I will try to start a regular blog entry or on facebook posts to keep up with the ones

who are interested in following. You can also follow my blog. :)

**These are types of rules I try to follow and usually never
have any kind of problem with it working. I have been
doing this pretty steadily for about 2 years now
and LOVE it.

I started out like most, trying my best at the couponing,
and did a good job, but it was so much to keep up with,
to organize and had to have time to sort, staple, cut, file,
then date and REMEMER to use them.

I LOVE coupons and really try to still keep up with them,
but nothing like I use to.

Many times I just concentrate on the price matching.
I can save much more with less effort this way.

Coupons are bonuses to price matching.
If I get both, I just made a touchdown. Woo Hoo!!

Many will say they don’t have time to do all this.
NO way you have to “do all this. Do any little part you
can - when you can and there is NO way you and your family
won’t benefit from it. I don’t think anyone cannot find just a few
minutes during the week to look over a few ads while watching
tv or online with friends. Would you love a raise this week?
Who wouldn't!! So make one yourself.

I hardly every get the chance to leave Heber Springs to do any
shopping from store to store. Besides I think that is even harder
than price matching. I know, I too get tired of the Wal-Mart taking
over the small businesses, so I do try to shop at the competing
stores whenever I do get the chance.
And I try to visit my local ones regularly for their sale items.

I do NOT buy anything I wouldn’t purchase anyway or wouldn’t want to try for something new.

And ANYTHING can be price matched at Wal-Mart!
Produce, meats, generic/store brands – all if it!

Make very sure you have the absolute correct sale dates, item size/quantity to match.
Also check that the generic or store brand is higher or lower than the brand names on sale.
I try to use many store and generic brands when I can. A few cents is a few cents!!

I started out doing this with the mindset that since we are a single family income household,
if I can save even $20.00 a week, it is the same as giving my husband a $ .50 cents an hour raise.

Geez, who wouldn’t love that!!!

Now I can at least give him the same as a $1.00 or more raise each and every week.

I have cut our shopping nearly in half, so I use the extra money to buy one or two
more of each item I save on to use as a little stockpile for the lean months.
Or those months you know you have birthday’s, vacations, Christmas to save
for so every little bit helps not to have to spend as much on groceries.

Besides many people live within a paycheck or two of having problems paying their bills.
Certainly can't do without feeding your family.  So what if you work on a little stockpile
of house/food inventory to cover those just in case emergencies with the item you can stock on now.
Can you imagine not going to the grocery store for a week, month,
or longer.  I can almost do that now.  Only needing fresh fruit & veggies & milk.

One thing is for sure that helps a lot, is to try to get the family to agree with the fact
that you will be buying different toothpastes, razors, seasonal fruits and veggies
and paper products at times, (maybe even dollar store types when there hasn’t
been a sale).
Call them experimenting with different brands and many times just might find something
you like even more.

Remember to try to get a little extra with your savings each week, put it back in a
spare shelf even in the closet if necessary, then keep looking for deals.
Even a very few extra items will add up quickly when needed. There are times I
have used mainly from my stock just to see how long it lasts and can easily run
a month without any shopping except for fresh items needed.
Makes for a happy mama.

I am not one of the extreme ones as on tv. There is no way you can pull that off
around here. But I will do what I can with what I have. Shouldn’t we do
that anyway? And do NONE of this on credit. Cash only for me. :)

NEVER buy anything at regular price if you don’t have to. If you do, make sure
the “value” size and price is really the best value.  There are many times I
find the item I am searching for to match, and there is a cheaper one or
store brand one less. So don’t be disappointed. Some weeks are better
than others.

I have definitely found out – there are many more items on sale at the first of
the month, to get the fixed income people with checks at the first to hit their
stores, but not always the best sales. A lot of times later in the month are t
he bigger discounts on the items but less of them listed. Tricky huh. Yes it is.
Get into the minds of the store sales people and match with them of sorts. :)

My Rules:

If you want to match, try to make sure that you are approx,
50 miles from these stores.  Little Rock is a bit farther than that from me,
but our local Wal-Mart will match them without any problem.

Remember wholesale are not considered fair to Wal-Mart so usually won’t
match for those type stores.

Usually all store sales begin on either Sunday and end at close Saturday night,
or Wednesday and end at close on Tuesday night. So really only 2 times a
week to have to spend some time on checking out ads.

I usually keep a legal note pad handy to write the key items I see onto so I
can go from that “draft” list when making my shopping/matching list.

I also purchased a binder and put my printed ads in clear sleeves with tabs
for each name of store so I can access them quickly when I run across something
I need to go back and check. Helps save a lot of time.
Even though Wal-Mart does NOT require you to show the ad when you are
price matching, it’s so helpful if there is a question to have it with you or if
you think of something else to check on. Trust me – it’s easier.

The few more minutes you use to make sure you are ready and armed with info,
the smoother your shopping trip will go for everyone involved.

Be sure to print out a copy of the Wal-Mart price matching policy and the
coupon policy and have with you just in case you have a problem.
And try to learn key parts.

Remember these stores have high turnover in employees and it is very complicated
all the “rules and procedures” they have to keep track of.

And probably #1 on this is – be nice.
Joke around. Keep a smile on that pretty lil face of yours. And I never blame
them for being wrong,  I always act like I am having a “senior” moment and
that perhaps we need to check to see if “I’m” the incorrect one. :)

These are just people too just like us but have to answer to someone above them
on each thing they do. And yes, some act as if we are taking money out of
their pockets, but that’s ok too. Go along with them! I have worked this
and made many friends out of the grumpiest ones now.

I ALWAYS compliment and thank the cashier for their extra attention on checking
me out. Then the next time they don’t dread ringing up each individual item of
24 cans of green beans. lol! :)

I have even had some tell me another ad cheaper that I missed on items, or new
places to match at, write some of them down for them to use when they get off
work, and even use my prices on the next customer to make up for having them
wait a little longer.

It’s all a game and we are all players in it. Be a fun player. Get your fair share but
don’t dip too much into their pot either or they may end up taking away the
challenge of matching. :)

It’s exciting each Saturday night before Sunday sales come out and on Tuesday
nights before Wednesday sales come out. Can’t hardly sleep. lol! I think that is
called addict. Bahaha!!

Happy matchin' and clippin' safely out there.

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