Friday, February 1, 2013

My matchups Friday 2.1.13

These are a few of the match ups I picked up today.  Some with coupons,
I had a very detailed list with all the items, sizes, price to match to, along with
store name.

I did not have my binder of sale papers with me as proof, as I try my very best to make
double, even triple sure I am correct as I would feel so guilty for messing up at all in my favor

And besides Walmart corporate policy does NOT require you to have the ad with you.
Always – always ask for the CSM if there is any doubt at all, have it checked.
New cashiers sometimes are not aware of how it all works.  I know it’s all got to be
overwhelming as I worked once at a Magic Mart and that was before computers
came along, so I can only imagine all the frustration and tricking that can go on and
you have to be so responsible for.

So as I said, I try my very best to make sure my facts are correct, and then stand my

Even though you may not be from my exact area, same rules generally apply
and hopefully I along with my friends can be of some encouragement for you
to work on setting up a list of stores in your area.

Nothing like a rush you get from success of finding matchups of sale items
and coupons and getting a deal on items you buy anyway. 

No time – nonsense.  Want a raise?  Save instead.  :)

Ok here is my lst.

Foldger’s Coffee – lg can $6.99 at USA Drug thur 1/2/13 (Walmart reg price $8.98)  

Great value peanut butter 16-18oz 2/$4 at Kroger thru 2/5/13(Walmart reg price $2.56)

Velvetta lg box $4.99 at Walgreens thru 2/2/13 (Walmart reg price $$5.88)
            also had coupon for -.50c off.  So $4.50 each

Post cereals – up to 14 oz at Kroger $1.99 thru 2/5/13  (Walmart avg price $2.89-$3.28

Scott paper towel – 6 roll at Walgreen $4.00 thru 2/2/13 ($0.67ea roll) (Walmart $5.97)
            lucky enough to find a sticker coupon on pkg for $.50c off so total price
            was $3.50 ($0.58c roll)

Cottenelle bath tissue – 12 roll $4.00 at Walgreen thru 2/2/13 ($0.33 roll) 
(Walmart price $7.47)  ($0.62 roll)

Great value milk (all varieties) $3.49 at Walgreen thru 2/2/13 
          Walmart reg. $4.08 - varies a lot.

Ground beef (family pk 73% lean) $1.75/lb at Cash Saver thru 2/5/13 (Walmart
            reg $3.00/lb. 
  This sounds a bit complicated but not really:
  WM pkg is 5.5lb so $1.75 x 5.5 = $9.63  Reg 5.5lb x $3.00 = $16.50)

Grapes – red or green -  $1.99/lb at Sav-a-lot thru 2/2/13 (Walmart –I forgot to check
            but it’s usually close to $2.50-$3/lb


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