Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guide to grocery shopping and more - month by month

I ran across this fabulous information on the maddening world of sales 
and how it all works in terms that more average people as myself 
can understand.  

This is a month - by month guide all layed out for us on what is 
coming up each month in the minds of the people who set up 
all the sales and coupons available for us to use.

All the information is out there available for free on couponing 
and price matching to help us save lots of money if we are 
just willing ot spend just a few minutes a day/week to check it out.  
I know I have been amazed during the past year or so with all of this.  
It's almost scientific in nature how all this works.

This is the link to be able to see just how much of the shopping 
world revolves.  
Be sure to check it out.  I know I am going to be sure to save 
info from this site and refer to it regularly to plan what to watch 
for to shop and be able to save on month after month.  

Good luck to all of you too.  
And Happy matchin' and clippin' safely out there.

Website is:  

Month by month guides are at:

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