Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My shopping adventure 1.23.13

Made a trip to Walmart for a few matchups today after checking some of my regular stores for their sales of the week.

Here is a list of a few things I picked up and/or checked on today.

Best Choice green beans, peas, corn $ .39/ea (regularly .68 ea) at Cash Saver   
      at (Greenbrier)
Hunts Ketchup 24 oz. $ .90/ea (regular $1.24 at Cash Saver (Greenbrier)
Pork Sirloin - boneless family pack $1.66/lb (regular $3.38/lb) at Cash Saver (Greenbrier)
Pork chops - boneless $2.48/lb (regular $3.68/lb) at Edward's food giant
Oscar Meyer bologna 12 oz pkg $1.00/ea (regular $1.78/ea) at Craven Foods
Grapes - green $1.98/lb (regular $2.98/lb) at Edward's food giant
Eggs - lg 18 count size $1.88 (regular - forgot to record but great price) at 
      Edward's food giant
Kroger milk - 1/2 gallon size 3/$5 ($1.67/ea = $3.38/gal) at Kroger
Kraft Easy mac (in micro cup) - $ .88/ea (regular $ .98) at Kroger
Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese - $.49/ea (regular $ .88/ea) at Kroger
Great Value saltine crackers - 10/$10 = $1/ea (regular $1.58/ea) at Kroger
Carrots (baby) 1 lb pkg. - $1.00/ea (regular $1.68) at Craven foods
Hamburger Helper -reg box - $ .98/ea (regular $1.50) at Edward's food giant
Ground Beef (73%lean) family pk - $1.98/lb (regular $3.00) at Edward's food giant
Rotel (reg size can) - $ .48/can (reg $.98/can) at Kroger
Kellogg's cereals up to 18.7 oz - $1.99/box (regular $2.98 to $3.48) at Kroger
Post cereals up to 17 oz - $1.99/box (regular $2.98 to $3.48) at Kroger
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 1/2 gal. $2.79 (regular ?) at Kroger

Remember these items were price matched to Heber Springs Walmart store from stores within 50 miles + Little
Rock surrounding areas - which I have consulted my store location to confirm how far they will reach to match.

There are sooo many more sale items out there in paper and online. Just spending a few minutes a couple
times a week is soooo worth the effort.

I did all this and today and saved a LOT of $$$$$$ and without one single coupon Yay but Boo at the same time

Good luck out there. Let me know how you do.

Happy Matchin' and Clippin' safely out there. :)

Gena - Nanny's Nonsense

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