Tuesday, January 22, 2013

List of stores I use for price matching.

This is a list of stores and days that I 
check to do my price matching to at 
my local Walmart.  
It has all the web addresses included so 
you can find them online as well in print.  

Big Lots 
Cash Saver (only online is in Greenbrier)
Cash Saver (Heber Springs location) Wed-Tue
       (print only - Sun Times - Heber Springs)
City Market (Little Rock)  (Wed- Tue) 
Craven Foods (Fairfield Bay)  (Wed-Tue)
Dollar General  (Sun-Sat)
Dollar Tree  (Wed-Tue)
Edward's Food Giant (Little Rock)  (Wed-Tue)
Family Dollar  (Sun-Sat)
Fred's Discount
Harp's Food Stores  (Wed-Tue)
Home Depot
Knight's Super Foods (Beebe)  (Wed-Tue)
Kroger  (Wed-Tue)
Lowe's Home Center
Parker's Big Star@Quitman (Wed-Tue) 
        (print only)
Sav-a-lot (Wed-Tue)
Sherwood Grocery @Rosebud (Wed-Tue)
       (print only)
Staples (Sun-Sat)
Target (Sun-Sat)
Walgreen's (Sun-Sat)
Wal-Mart  (Sun-Sat)


  1. www.foodgiant.com
    also known as Mad Butcher. SHows online mostly in eastern AR with McCrory being closest to you.

    also known as Country Mart, Town & Country, Price Chopper in Augusta, Bald Knob, Highland, Newark, Newport, Piggott, Pocahontas, Salem, Searcy, and Truman