Thursday, January 3, 2013

My finds of the day for matchups 1.3.13

I have been checking here and there for sales to do some price matching and so far have a couple of interesitng ones.

All of these sales are based on my location near Heber Springs so I shop at that local Wal-Mart to do my price matching and using coupons, most of the time.  I do try to visit the local stores if they have good sales too so that I can help with my share of shopping locally.  

Heber Springs Wal-Mart has informed me that generally around 50 miles and they will include Little Rock and it's surrounding area.


So far the items I have found that I am interested in are:

Kroger @ delta region  (
Kellogg's Cereal     (up to 18 oz.)     $1.88 ea.  (reg approx $2.98-$3.18 ea)
Milk                       (1/2 gallon)        $1.50 ea   (reg $2.24 at W-M)

Edward's Food Giant @ Little Rock  (
General Mills Cereals  (up to 11.8 oz)   $1.98 ea  (also Sav-a-lot as item up to 13 oz for 2/$4.   (reg - approx $2.98-$3.18 @ W-M

Cash Saver @ Greenbrier location  ( )
Best Choice green beans - corn - peas  (15 oz can)   $0.46c ea.
Charmin Basic bath tissue  (16 roll = 32)    $5.50 ea  (= 0.34c/roll)
Cucumbers & Bell Pepper     $0.45c ea.

Cash Saver @ Heber Springs location (in print only in Sun-Times)
Best Choice Milk    gallon size   $ $3.25   (reg $4.18 at W-M)
Ground Beef - family pack     $1.69/lb    (reg avg $3.00/lb for 70 something % lean) lol!

Sherwood Grocery and Wholesale location @ Rosebud  (in print only in Lakeside Shopper)
Eggs - jumbo size  $1.59/doz

Target  (
Foldger's Coffee - 27.8 to 33.9 oz   $6.99ea
Pepsi products  12 pk/12 oz can or 6 pk bottle   4/$11.  ( = 2.75 ea at W-M)

If you find any other great deals within my area - please share.

My email address is
and I am on Facebook as Gena Thomas  - alias as hayleesnanny
same with Twitter and Pinterest.

You can even contact me and exchange phone #'s and I will try to keep up with letting you know when I find something quickly on clearance/sale/coupon matchups while shopping.

Feel free to comment and even maybe click to follow my blog as I am going to try to write up these things and many others more often as time allows.  

** And happy matchin' and clippin'  :)

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