Friday, April 12, 2013

Bet you will never guess where one of my fav happy places is? Come find out.

One of my ol'e classic and favorite happy places is 
hanging laundry on the line and ironing.  

I enjoy both!  

clothes on a clothesline

The fresh smell that the laundry has afterward is such a refreshing reward.  
And so worth the time doing it not to mention a definite help 
on that dreaded electric bill.  

Since I am usually home, I can make time in each day work on laundry.  
But even if I wasn't, I would figure out a way to hang anyway like during the evening/night or doing laundry over the weekend, which many do anyway . 

I see it as therapeutic.  

I know it's silly a bit, but I also think ironing is therapitic also.  lol!  
I know I can hear many of you chuckling now.  hehe! 

But I go into my happy place when I am working on stuff like this.  

I'm not talking about rushing around getting ready - plugging in the ole' iron and slapping the ironing board up and grumbling while "having" to do this terrible chore.  

It's not doing the dishes ya' know.  lol!  
(that may be someone elses therapy - my dreaded one.)

 I'm talking about, turning on a fan, strappin' on the ipod and puttin' 
on the headphones to some favorite mellow or hip tunes, and swaying or 
bopping along while steaming those wrinkles away, along with all the 
issues of the world - both far and near. 

(along with times of shedding several tears too, both for good and sad reasons.)

I have often solved my own version of all the worlds problems by 
working on a couple of loads of laundry. 

Another very rewarding part of all of this is, it instills in me the feeling that, through this usually dreaded task, I am doing a little something special for each of my family.  

To me it's much more than just about clothes.  I don't feel like I am doing much of anything special when just tossing clothes into washer and then the dryer.  
That way is much more of a dreaded chore.  

I can't really even describe it.  
Perhaps a bit odd, but is sort of my mental quiet time.

My sort of "me" time and feeling like I accomplished 
the weights of the world and my laundry also.  

Give it a try this weekend.  

Not as a chore, but as a process of creativity.  
Mind and laundry at the same time.

And definitely do NOT forget to smell. 

Yes smell !!!!

Stick your face deep into the freshly dried laundry just before you 
remove them from the line and take the biggest deep breath 
you ever have, and slowly exhale. 

That in itself, 
is a huge reward to breathe in and 
slowly release the stresses of the world.  

Note:  Here are a couple of links I ran across recently and actually thought -who would have to know "how" to hang out laundry.  But ended up finding it actually very facinating and informative.  You might want to take a look also.  :)

Links for part one and two are here:

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