Friday, April 5, 2013

My sale fav's of the week 4/3/13

I have a list of a few things I have spotted for deals I am focused on for this week to add to my stock.

Be sure to check my list of stores I usually use (or start one of your own) for
price matching at my local Walmart.

Hopefully you will be able to pick up a few bargins also.  If you find any other
ones - please share on my facebook page for me and all my other matchin' peeps.

And remember - have fun!  It's all just like a game of Monopoly to make our
money go a little further.  :)


* Dr. Pepper, 7up, A & W root beer, and Sunkist 12 pk for $1.99 ea match to Walgreens (till 4/6)

* Foldger's coffee - lg canister $6.99 match to USA Drug (till 4/6)

* Oscar Meyer hotdogs (all varieties) 16 oz pkg $1.00 (plus 10%)= $1.10 match to Cash Saver at Greenbrier (till 4/9)

* Ground beef (family pk) $1.85 (+10%=$2.05/lb) match to Cash Saver (till 4/9)

* Bell peppers $0.37 ea  (+10% = $0.41) match to Cash Saver (till 4/9)

* Grapes - red or white - $1.49/lb.  Match to Craven Foods (till 4/9)

* General Mills (Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
up to 21.65 oz - $2.88  - match to Edward's Food Giant (till 4/9)

* Pork Steaks (family pk) 1.38/lb - match to Edward's Food Giant (till 4/9)

* Chicken breast (boneless & skinless) frozen 5 lb bag $6.95 (reg price at WM $10.98)
- match to Knight's Super Foods (4/9)

* Butterfly pork chops $1.98/lb - match to Knight's super foods (till 4/9)

* Milk (store brand) $2.99 (reg price at WM $3.68) - match to Kroger (till 4/9)

* Bread or buns (store brand) 10/$10 = $1 ea.  Match to Kroger (till 4/9)

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