Sunday, April 28, 2013

To my family - "I Wish You Enough"

This, I dedicate to each of my special people in my life I have had the honor of calling my family - 

"I love you" and - "I wish you enough."

This story is so very touching and each of us should take it to heart for we never really know when or even if we will see each other again as life has so many uncertain twists.

I also "Wish you enough" for all the special people I have had in my life - past, present and future.  

Be sure to click on the link below to read this very special story.

Thank you to - "My honey's place for sharing this.

Link is:
I Wish You Enough – A Short Story - My Honeys Place

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Flower Cuts Through A Rock…

I totally LOVE this post.  
Just a small reminder to all of us, that persistance, 
determination and most of all believing - can 
cause miracles to happen.  :)

A flower cuts through a rock

Surprise Cake Printable Recipe

Oh how fun this would be to make.  

I can just see the face of the unexpecting person of whom cuts this cake for the first piece.  

Must remember this the next time I make a birthday cake.  :)

Link below pic.
Surprise Cake
Thanks so much to "My Honey's place for posting this.  

Link is:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fake Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

A great way to save money and to know exactly what ingredients you have in 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mixa prepackaged mix, is to make up your own.  

Here is a site that has figured out some of the simple premade mixes
from Betty Crocker.  Such as chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar and gingerbread

Would be even more of a money saver to find many of the ingredients
on sale and/or price match them.  

I know I am going to try to make up some of these for last minute ideas
to have on hand.  Especially around the holidays.

Thanks to for the ideas.

Link is:
Fake-It Frugal: Fake Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

Fab "girlie" party idea.

I saw this pic on Facebook but no instructions so I am trying to create a couple of ways to possible pull it off since it's such an adorable idea for any "girlie" party.  
I have sooo gotta figure this one out.  So here goes.

This is the original pic that sparked my curiosity.  

Now to figure out how to color the marshmallows.  

Here are a couple of ideas I ran across to possible make it happen.

Idea #1: 
I read it's just like dying an egg without warm water and vinegar solution.  Submerge the marshmallow in water wtih drops of food coloring and leave until the desired color is obtained  I would think they need to dry for a few hours or maybe even overnight.  Also be sure to use cold water as the marshmallow may try to dissolve.  I would think toothpicks would keep the tootsies in place.

Idea #2:  I found another idea that is at the following link.

This link suggests using Wilton's food colorings as for cake decorating and painting/coloring the mellows.

An additional idea I had, was to use some edible glitter and cover some or all of the "bottles" (marshmallows) with the glitter while still wet with paint.

Another note would be to try using toothpicks inserted 1/2 into tootsie rolls and other 1/2 into marshmellow to keep them together a bit better.

Such a fun and adorable idea for any girl's (big or little) party.  I know they will definitely get a kick out of it. 

p.s.  I guess my only problem with this adorable idea is (which anyone who knows much about me - they already know the problem)  would be not to run out of tootsie rolls before completing the crafty treat.  lol!  

25 uses for Coffee Filters

What a great list of useful ideas for coffee filters, which you can pick 
up generic brands and would be cheap as well as so very useful.  :)

25 uses for coffee filters

Thanks to for the great post.
link is:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look what I found - the ultimate DYI ideas!!!

Even before it was the "in" thing to do to make up all the concoctions that are popping up all over the interent, I LOVED coming up with my own.  

I have loads of DIY ideas on my pinterest page if you want to check it out, but now I have found a FAB webpage with loads of recipes of all sorts of DIY things all in one place.  

A big Woo HOO for this one.

The Make Your Own Zone
Be sure to check out and bookmark this site as it's gonna be a goodie!!!

Thanks bunches to "The make your own"

Link is:
The Make Your Own Zone The Make Your Own Zone - Bright Ideas For Homemade Living

DIY wrinkle releaser and clothes freshener. LOVE it!

I have mixed up this for years and use it all the time to freshen up clothing after it's hung in the closet for a bit or just to mist on clothes as I iron them to help steam away those wrinkles.  

Also great to mist on clothing and takes out many all by itself.  

And the great part, you can use whatever scent you prefer to make your own wrinkle releaser.  Also great to mist on furniture, bedding, etc. for a little quick freshup like Febreeze would do.  

Thanks to:  The make your own for the great info.

Link is:
The Make Your Own Zone Make Your Own Wrinkle Releaser Spray - The Make Your Own Zone

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bet you will never guess where one of my fav happy places is? Come find out.

One of my ol'e classic and favorite happy places is 
hanging laundry on the line and ironing.  

I enjoy both!  

clothes on a clothesline

The fresh smell that the laundry has afterward is such a refreshing reward.  
And so worth the time doing it not to mention a definite help 
on that dreaded electric bill.  

Since I am usually home, I can make time in each day work on laundry.  
But even if I wasn't, I would figure out a way to hang anyway like during the evening/night or doing laundry over the weekend, which many do anyway . 

I see it as therapeutic.  

I know it's silly a bit, but I also think ironing is therapitic also.  lol!  
I know I can hear many of you chuckling now.  hehe! 

But I go into my happy place when I am working on stuff like this.  

I'm not talking about rushing around getting ready - plugging in the ole' iron and slapping the ironing board up and grumbling while "having" to do this terrible chore.  

It's not doing the dishes ya' know.  lol!  
(that may be someone elses therapy - my dreaded one.)

 I'm talking about, turning on a fan, strappin' on the ipod and puttin' 
on the headphones to some favorite mellow or hip tunes, and swaying or 
bopping along while steaming those wrinkles away, along with all the 
issues of the world - both far and near. 

(along with times of shedding several tears too, both for good and sad reasons.)

I have often solved my own version of all the worlds problems by 
working on a couple of loads of laundry. 

Another very rewarding part of all of this is, it instills in me the feeling that, through this usually dreaded task, I am doing a little something special for each of my family.  

To me it's much more than just about clothes.  I don't feel like I am doing much of anything special when just tossing clothes into washer and then the dryer.  
That way is much more of a dreaded chore.  

I can't really even describe it.  
Perhaps a bit odd, but is sort of my mental quiet time.

My sort of "me" time and feeling like I accomplished 
the weights of the world and my laundry also.  

Give it a try this weekend.  

Not as a chore, but as a process of creativity.  
Mind and laundry at the same time.

And definitely do NOT forget to smell. 

Yes smell !!!!

Stick your face deep into the freshly dried laundry just before you 
remove them from the line and take the biggest deep breath 
you ever have, and slowly exhale. 

That in itself, 
is a huge reward to breathe in and 
slowly release the stresses of the world.  

Note:  Here are a couple of links I ran across recently and actually thought -who would have to know "how" to hang out laundry.  But ended up finding it actually very facinating and informative.  You might want to take a look also.  :)

Links for part one and two are here:

Homemade pumpkin deco

I totally LOVE this idea.  Totally cute and totally do'able.  

Think I will keep an eye out for any materials that will work and 
hopefully get these lil punkin's made ahead of fall time.  

Thanks to:  Happier than a pig in the mud.  :)

link is:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweet tiny yarn butterflies!!!

Oh what an adorable simple little craft for weaving.  
I think Haylee will love this craftie and we will put a small 
magnet on the backside to hang on fridge, etc.  :) 
- Thanks to Homemade at my place.  

Link is:

Friday, April 5, 2013

My sale fav's of the week 4/3/13

I have a list of a few things I have spotted for deals I am focused on for this week to add to my stock.

Be sure to check my list of stores I usually use (or start one of your own) for
price matching at my local Walmart.

Hopefully you will be able to pick up a few bargins also.  If you find any other
ones - please share on my facebook page for me and all my other matchin' peeps.

And remember - have fun!  It's all just like a game of Monopoly to make our
money go a little further.  :)


* Dr. Pepper, 7up, A & W root beer, and Sunkist 12 pk for $1.99 ea match to Walgreens (till 4/6)

* Foldger's coffee - lg canister $6.99 match to USA Drug (till 4/6)

* Oscar Meyer hotdogs (all varieties) 16 oz pkg $1.00 (plus 10%)= $1.10 match to Cash Saver at Greenbrier (till 4/9)

* Ground beef (family pk) $1.85 (+10%=$2.05/lb) match to Cash Saver (till 4/9)

* Bell peppers $0.37 ea  (+10% = $0.41) match to Cash Saver (till 4/9)

* Grapes - red or white - $1.49/lb.  Match to Craven Foods (till 4/9)

* General Mills (Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
up to 21.65 oz - $2.88  - match to Edward's Food Giant (till 4/9)

* Pork Steaks (family pk) 1.38/lb - match to Edward's Food Giant (till 4/9)

* Chicken breast (boneless & skinless) frozen 5 lb bag $6.95 (reg price at WM $10.98)
- match to Knight's Super Foods (4/9)

* Butterfly pork chops $1.98/lb - match to Knight's super foods (till 4/9)

* Milk (store brand) $2.99 (reg price at WM $3.68) - match to Kroger (till 4/9)

* Bread or buns (store brand) 10/$10 = $1 ea.  Match to Kroger (till 4/9)