Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Sorry to have been neglecting my blog for so long.  Kind of like therapy in a way.  Which I could 
ALWAYS use more of that.  hehe!  

Anyhoo.  Let's catch up.  Busy busy busy!  Seems like the older you get - the more time really does fly by.  So many so called - irons in the fire, burns your butt if you drag along very long.  :)  

It's so amazing that when you are young and can't wait for this event or that event or birthday, time creeps by so quickly.  But as you get older, I swear the clocks shaves minutes off while you aren't looking carefully.

My dieting - well not suppose to call it dieting quest, but my "Journey" to healthy lifestyle has had it's ups and downs and my downs got to me and when faced with going up on meds, it was the last straw type thing.  

I have seriously made changes in my "healthy" favor I hope. I have been on it for 4 weeks now and haven't had any serious "mistakes" in all that time.  Probably the worst I have done is a trip to Colton's steak house and had salad, steak, steamed veggies and only one roll.  Their rolls are suburb!  

Since I finally got super serious, cutting out all possible carbs, and sugars - I think my biggest change was the artificial sweetener.  I didn't realize just how much I was using in everything and lots of it.

Boy talk about a headache from a type of withdraw,  OMG the first 2 days was totally miserable!  But after that, it's all gotten better and much easier.  I guess the matter of willpower and determination in the face of increasing meds to try to control glucose once again, was too much.  I told Doc - No - give me 2 weeks. I don't know if she really thought so or not, but when I left the office, that was it!  
Time to grow the heck up and quit playing with fate!  

My sugar levels are fabulous now and are continuing to stay at a great level.  I have lost some - not enough to shout about  - but it's a minus so that's a plus!

Thanks Doc and to our local health food store for which both owners are diabetics so they can sympathize with me and much help.

Also huge thanks to my dear hubby.  Larry is so fab.  I think it's like when we quit smoking many years ago, it finally hits one day and BAM - I'm done.  

Not to say I may have slips here and there as Lord knows, the holidays are coming up fast.  But I think I have met my match with this blood sugar thing and I am gonna try to stay the Boss if me - not it.  

Well, off to start another wild and crazy day in the life of - me.  lol!

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