Thursday, November 8, 2012

My ramblings for the day

If not for a child in the house, I don't think one can appreciate 
how time flies by.  They grow up so very fast.  
Time gets away from you and you see how much you need to use 
that time wisely and to your advantage of sharing with a young one 
as well as older one
I guess we are in one of those "sandwich" family scenario's   
Our granddaughter Haylee, just turned 6 at the end of 
September and my mom will be 83 in February.  
It's refreshing and sad at the same time to be raising a 
grandchild and caring for a parent.  
Especially since we are homeschooling Haylee.  

I am daily seeing one grow in knowledge and the excitement of it all, 
and being able to share this time of growing in knowledge, which I 
wouldn't change for the world  -   then seeing another one seem to know 
less and move less and communicate less almost on a daily basis lately. 

These are the times you have to definitely appreciate the little things in life!
Take nothing for granted!

Which I have to constantly remind myself of.  
I am not really one to really sugarcoat much of anything 
for anyone especially myself.  

I am hoping and praying it's just a spell with mom, but it seems like this past few days are becoming tougher for her to move, to communicate and to know what or where she is to be or do from one moment to the next. Kind of like another little wake up call that life could get even more interesting in just a short matter of time, perhaps.

We have an aide now who is just a sweetheart, that comes in three 
days a week and takes care and sits with my mom which is working 
out so very well.  That does give me time for any errands, and 
definitely time to spend focusing on Haylee 
and working on her homeschooling.

It can at times be a challenge on the strength of the nerves and have to 
just walk into another room and try to re-focus for just a few moments 
then return to take on the next challenge of the next hour or even moment.  

Today has been one of the really pretty rough days.  Mom does not 
seem to be doing that great, and well . . you know kids.  Some days 
its as if they try to really pick on that last little nerve as if they were 
tap dancing on it just for fun. 

I will admit that I yearn for times alone for a few hours, 
for not to have to do for someone else but to have someone 
do for me for a change.  
And on that note, to my darling, loyal husband.  I couldn't ask for a better life partner in all the craziness we have been through for the past 20 years.  
To continually stand by my side through good and bad times is 
an understatement to the umpteenth degree.  
I can always know he will be home and by my side at a moments 
notice if at all possible even from work which requires his dedication.  
He is truly my lifeline in my life.  
My best friend that will fuss back at me if I need him to or give 
me a hug if that's what is needed or even just to take over 
and  make sure that I have just 
that few precious moments to fold clothes in a quiet 
room which may just result in my most accomplished 
thing done for the day.  (still dishes, more clothes, etc, etc.  :) 

I am truly blessed for this man to share his life with me.  

I am also again so blessed to have the opportunity to raise another little girl since I was only blessed to have one of my own children, in which Ashley has turned out to be such a fabulous person and become a best friend.

Haylee, well she is definitely a lively, outgoing, extremely active little lady.  6 going on 16 very quickly.  She loves life so much and is really becoming much more outgoing which is so fabulous to see as she has always been so bashful.  Although at times the bashful would be nice now.  Talk, Talk, and Talk  lol!

She is such a challenge loving child.  She has completed her 3rd belt and 
onto her 4th (camo) in 5 months.  With classes 2 days a week and has 
moved up to the adult class and I think, and many say she is doing super 
in and tries her very best to keep up with the grown ups.  

Also she is back in dance class of tap/ballet/jazz.  She has moved to Judi King and totally loves it there.  They are currently working on 3 different dances one day a week.  

One of the days each week, she has dance for one hour and then Taekwondo for an hour and a half.  And one would think she would pass out on the way home from classes, but I think she is more full of life than the rest of the week.  That is until she sits for just a few minutes, then leans over snoring, sound asleep and Gramps once again has to carry her to bed which she is so big now she will be dragging her feet soon.  :)

Since it's getting late - after midnight now, I will try to get settled in enough to quiet my mind and hope for some rest and begin another day in the challenging life of me.  

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