Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My matchups for the day. 11.13.12

Some of my deals of the day:  

Energizer Max batteries regular price $11.97 at Walgreens for $7.99 ea. for (9v - 4 pk) or (C or D- 8 pk) (plus I had coupons for .75c off each pkg).  Bringing my price of $11.97 to $7.24 per pkg

Bounty select a size paper towels 6 rolls for regular $9.97 at Walgreens $4.99 (plus $1.00 coupon off).  Making reg price 9.97 ($1.66 per roll) down to $3.99 (0.67c per roll)

Glade candle -  4 oz on special at Walmart for $2.50 ea. and I had great coupon.

Foldger's Coffee (lg can) $8.98 - 12.98 at Walmart - all flavors $7.99 at Walgreen's (plus I had coupons)

Campbells Cream of . . soups and other condensed cooking type soups are on sale at Walgreen's for $0.79c each plus coupons.com has printable coupon for $1.00 for 4 cans.  So Walmart price 1.25 per can down to .79c (match) minus .25c (coupon) per can  down to .54c per can x 4.

Charmin Basic Bath Tissue (20 rolls same as 40 pkg)  $6.99  ($.0.35c./roll) at Knight's Super Foods in Beebe.  Didn't have enough room in basket for this and forgot to price it but know it's gonna be a good one I will get next trip!

Also  Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts - 16 oz jar - Walmart price $3.50 - At Knight's Super Foods in Beebe 2/$2.00  Yes that's $1.00 per jar.  Less than half price.  Plus I had coupon once again.

(Shhhh!    Gonna have to hide these jars of peanuts from Larry and Haylee - 
they will inhale them before I know it.  hehehe!)

Fun Fun!  Love this fun game of matchups.

It's not hard at all, just a few minutes a couple of times a week when sales come out and keep a
running list and go for it.

For me - price matching is where I can save the most.  Coupons take a lot of time -are a lot of fun to hit them also.  I look at coupons as a bonus on a sale.

I never buy anything I wouldn't already want to buy or try anyway.  So, yes I toss a lot of coupons, but gonna get the best out of what I spend.  Like a game of monopoly only I am always out ahead of the average person on these.  :)  You can be too.

Just think you can use the money you save to spend on those things not on sale, or use toward a little extra stocking for the winter months.  I am about ready for a couple of weeks of feet of snow. (Oh yeah got a deal on cocoa a couple of weeks ago, just in case for that snow I am wishing for.  :)

Follow along on my blog and I will try to start posting my matchup adventures for your amusement.  : P

And any questions on how to get started, just hollar at me and I will be so very tickled to help you
figure it out.  Trust me - it's quite a rush.

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