Friday, August 23, 2013

20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention (from: Minds in Bloom)

Well, schools just about everywhere around here have 
started once again. Kids are so excited to get back 
into the routine, at least for a while.  

We are once again homeschooling our granddaughter 
who will soon be 7 and is now in the 1st grade.  

Last year we used A Becka Books and we loved it.  

This year we found something new and giving it a try.  
It's K12 online public school for homeschooling.

You are sent all sorts of books and literature 
along with many supplies for the homeschool class.  

Then you log into the site and work online and offline,
clocking how long you spend on each subject, 
working your way through the lesson plan for
the day.  

I am a pretty big stickler to sticking to a routine and 
a schedule as much as possible.  

But there are times that children can be challenged by 
the construction of criticism and/or the lack there of.  

This program allows the excuses to be a lot more limited causing much
more structure and less friction on fulfilling the daily needs required.

At times, even in the best situations in brick and morter schools 
or at home it's tough to keep the attention of the lil ones.  
So I am always trying to come up with lots of ideas.  
We call them "Brain Breaks".

(Also gives me a breather to get the next set ready for the next lesson.)

Therefore this list I ran across really fits my ideas to a "T". 

Be sure to take a look at it and see if any ideas may be helpful 
to you even if you are not actually "homeschooling" 
but just need to keep the attention of those youngsters.  

Thanks to: for the great article.  :)

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