Saturday, August 10, 2013

Helping young ones grasp 24 hr time

I have been working with Haylee lately with telling time.
She is doing a super job with figuring it out, but it's so tough for 
young ones to truly grasp what 24 hrs of time really is.

I just happen to be surfing on Pinterest (which is my normal past time :)  
I saw a post on a time lapse ruler.  WOW!

The link lead to a pay for website, which I try to avoid so did a little googling 
- and boom - there it is - a type of ruler that has a 24 hr period 
on it with noon and midnight as reference points.  



So instantly printed it out and highlited here and there and drew on a sun at noon 
and a moon for midnight, cut it out - laminated it with clear contact paper 
(which is awesome - I use it on everything.)
Can't wait for the next "time" lesson and I think this is going t help so very much!

Here is the printable link if you want to try it out too.

Click on it and save to desktop.  Then print and cut.

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