Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Idea Daybook - what is it?

I wonder how many times a day I something pops in
my head that quickly runs right back out.

Many I am sure. Great ideas, something to take care of, 
something I see on tv, online, in a magazine, or just out of the blue.

Definitely many times.

Well, here is an idea to keep track of those tidbits that 
could be so very important (for real
or in the moment) that we don't want to forget.

Here is the answer that I ran across.   An Idea Daybook.

Next time I go to town I am going to pick up a cute journal of 
some type or fancy it upon my own with some ribbon, etc.
And start journeling this and that and all sorts of ideas that "pop" in my noggin.

Whether or not you do them is totally up to you.

Also read that it would be a great idea to label and have 
specific pages that you put ideas for holidays, parties, birthdays, etc.  
Separate from normal every day ideas.

Too bad I don't already have the book 
so I can make a note to get a notebook.  lol!

so very much for such a fab idea!!!

Link to the article is:

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