Sunday, November 24, 2013

Steps are progressing. Now just wait.

I didn't get to write this blog post yesterday.  Seems like it's been a bit of a normal zoo around here.  lol!

Larry was able to take off work on Friday so we (along with Haylee) headed to Little Rock to meet with my new Bariatric/Gastric doctor.  

The Dr was fabulous and has a great staff also.  So nice and fun.  Not stuffy as some seem to be.
Anyway, met with Dr.  We discussed all the options available and which would work best personally for me. 

I, along with him quickly rule out the Lap band.  Not enough.  We both consider the Laproscopic Gastric Sleeve.  This has become a good standard which is proving much more succesful than the lap band.

With all my blood glucose numbers being a severe issue in this decision,  we agreed that the Laproscopic Gastric Bypass would be the perfect and necessary option for my best results.  

The techincal name is: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.  This procedure is a bit more intense but not the full big bypasses in the past since it's done laproscopic.  

I agreed to the bit larger decision since this one has proven to be the ultimate cure for diabeties.  
So yay, decision made.  Now to work on the setup of when.  

Ugg!  So excited, but yet, it is going to take time as it is more safely and effectively done with 2 surgeons. 

So the scheduling of that is a bit more tricky.  If there is any way to get them together before the 1st of the year, then they will try, but with all the holidays coming up it will be pretty tricky.

So I am looking at right after the first of the year.  Yay!  What a way to kick off that New Year resolution. Was hoping for right away, but this is soo worth the wait.

The dr and nurses said for me to just enjoy eating over the holidays then hit this running.
But with my sugar levels and insulin, meds, etc, I can't enjoy that much with the foods and stay reasonable since I am being so strict, but a little endulgence here and there with a bite or two.  

Then I am sooo ready to hit this and of course it would be fabulous when I get some of the weight off, but I am soooo ready to get back to no or little meds, NO shots, and moving and feeling so much better.  

Can't think of a better Thanksgiving/Christmas/ New Years present for the new year.  :)

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