Saturday, November 23, 2013

Working on steps toward success

11/23 Thursday:

I am gradually working through the steps toward the surgery option I have decided for fighting this war against weight.

Just like any addict, I am going to try to work through it pretty much the same way.

I have checked with my Dr and got the ok to persue this option.

Last week we went to Little Rock to attend a group meeting to see what all is involved in the Gastric surgery procedures that are available and to turn in my paperwork

I have checked with our insurance companies on what the coverages are.

Now to wait.  This is a waiting type elective surgery.  Perhaps to make sure it's not a rush one as it's a permenant one.  Which is fine with me.  I am just more determined than ever with each passing day.

I have spoken with several people about it and all with glowing recommendations.  As a matter of fact, I went to dentist yesterday for checkup and cleaning and the girl that did the cleaning had done the 
laproscopic bypass procedure about 4 yrs ago and was willing to tell me all about the good- bad and ugly sides of it.

I was so impressed with it, I couldn't help but count how long it would be before I might hear from the Little Rock people on setting up the next step.

Well, to my very exciting surprise, I heard from the Little Rock Dr office this morning, and what to do next and a nurse would call this afternoon and would let me know when and where with the next step as I am a very great candidate for the laproscopic gastric sleeve or bypass.  

I had already told the nurse that called this morning that I was sooo ready for this and that if necessary I was ready to start my 2 weeks of pre-surgery liquid diet tomorrow if necessary.  

So, when the 2nd nurse called this afternoon, I was again jumping for joy to know that there is an opening tomorrow for me to actually meet with my Dr and discuss which surgery and when to begin the 2 weeks pre-surgery steps.  

YAY!  On my way Miss Monster.  

I do in fact realize this is only a tool to help me succeed with this war.  And I sooo need that.  Like fighting with a stick vs a machine gun.  Yeah Buddy!!!

With all of this falling into place, I know more than ever this is the direction I am to take.  

I WILL make this work!  

Miss Monster of Weight - you are on notice!!!

Hide if you may . . . 

my ducks are lining up and coming for you!!!

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