Thursday, February 13, 2014

1/19/14 Last day to chew for a while

Woke up with a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen.
Larry and Haylee had been working on a big breakfast for all of us but mainly
because of me.
Today is my last day to chew in quite a while.  I am soooo ready to get this started.
I know the all liquids for 2 wks is going to be next to impossible. But then the
big day will hopefully hurry up and get here.
I am expecting the worse and hoping for the best.

I enjoyed a fabulous breakfast with my peeps, then took it easy with the foods the rest of
the day.  I worked on having lots of liquids and even ended up not having but 1/2 a burger
and a few chips for supper.
I will have a snack in a bit while watching a couple of my fav sitcom shows.

Then tomorrow morning - all liquids.
Yikes.  I have waited for quite a while now for this to get to the point of tomorow morning
to get this underway, and after months, it's finally here.  Yay and Yikes!

My head is spinning with all the things to get ready - have ready, foods to try to have handy for Larry
and bug but not me, to have things done ahead of time, to have ideas of stuff to take to hospital,
and on and on.

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