Thursday, February 13, 2014

1/16 & 1/18/14 Last week before pre-op liquids begins

Thursday Jan 16, 2014
I have 3 more days that I can chew.  Then on Monday I begin my all liquid pre-op diet.
Time is going by so extremely slow with getting this underway.  But it is finally about to take the next step.

Saturday Jan 18,
Well tomorrow is it, the last day to chew for a while.
I had a nice quiet day at home while Larry and Bug went to a gun show.
btw - he bought me a 38 lady smith & wesson revolver - totally LOVE it!

We all went out to China Delight for one final dinner out that I can totally enjoy the amts.

Tomorrow morning, he is gonna make me bacon, eggs, homemade biscuits and gravy
for my final big meal.  Then light the rest of the day.

Also, even if embarrassing - I don't care - I am going to let Larry and Bug measure me
all sorts of measurements so that I can chart it (which I have ready) and see the results
in inches along with the pounds.

Larry is being so very supportive of all of this.  It's actually kind of funny that the very first time
I brought up the subject, the next day during work, he emailed me all sorts of info along with
a phone number and website of a contact in Little Rock that does surgeries routinely.

Such a mess.  gotta luv him.

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