Thursday, February 13, 2014

1/20/14 1st day to beginning my journey - today!

Hey hey hey - the day is finally here to get started.  May not be fun at times, but it's going to be successful
one way or another.

Today I start my pre-op 2 week all liquids program.  Surgery is exactly 2 wks from today.  Yay!

Starts out not too bad.  Had my protein shake.  It is rather tasty. Chocolate of course.
I have been drinking it off and on for a few days so that my stomach won't have a total
fit with it.

It's now 12:30 - my stomach thinks I totally abandoned it.  Geez!

Quickly downed a small cup of ready made chocolate pudding (sugar free of course).
and a glass of my fav peach tea water (sugar free too).

Please settle down stomach.  We gotta do this!

Aaa!  finally had some warm chicken broth which seemed to sooth my stomach and
trick it into thinking it had something to eat.

Couple of hrs later, developed a terrible headache and stomach seems not happy once again.

Drink more!

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