Saturday, June 4, 2011

Haylee makes the local magazine

We took a picture of  Haylee playing around with some frogs that we found in our small water feature in our back yard.  At first she was really nervous to touch them, but in no time at all she was holding them and giving each of the three frogs names.

I couldn't stand it and had to send it into our local electric company's magazine that all electric coop members in our area received.  I just knew they would get a kick out of the pic as part of summer fun.

I sent in this pic a couple of weeks ago, and then forgot all about it.  Then a friend posted on facebook about the pic being so adorable on the magazine.  I quickly grabbed the newest issue that was laying on the bar with other mail from that day, and sure enough, our little Girlie girl ballerina/cheerleader one minute, total mud puddle jumpin, lil Miss Haylee Bug was in there holding all 3 frogs.  yes - 3 frogs. 

As for the later health and welfare of the now 3 named frogs, Haylee and Gramps took them to a beautiful creek not far from our house and let them go find their Nanny and Gramps too.  So somewhere along the creek, they are croaking away at the summer temps that have moved in and happy catching all sorts of bugs as they hop in and out of the creek.

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