Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Martha Stewart Style - Easy to Make Patriotic Decorations

Cute and simple ideas for patriotic decorations 

that I found on Martha Stewart's Blog::

Martha used vellum, to make her Pom Poms out of.
I had construction paper handy and used a plastic paper cutter 
board to make 1/8" strip cuts as she did.

Turned out really cute. Scrapbook paper stock would have been super 
since it's colored on both sides but this workedgreat for letting my 
lil' Bug assist with the safe slicing of the paper. :)

I have been on the look out for all sorts of useful tools for Haylee to do 
different kinds of painting with also. On this same site, Martha uses a round 
brush that she barely tips into the paint and it makes the most adorable 
resemblence of a firework pattern. Gonna have to give that a try.

Happy Craftin'

Here is the link:

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