Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haylee's first camping adventure with Grandpa

Grandpa, aka Gramps, has been wanting to take Haylee on her first camping adventure.  But camping with the high temps around here is really tough right now, and because of so much spring rain and flooding, many of our campsites in the camping areas near our local beautiful lake are under water.

So here comes the ideas:  After putting up our 14 ft pool the week before, and then we have a pontoon boat also, we decided to park it next to the pool to sit on and let Haylee practice jumping off of - into the pool.  In other words, a little unique but creative way to add a deck with a boat just sitting there anyway. Fab.

This is where my adorable and creative hubby, again, aka Gramps, once again, came up with the interesting idea to put the tent next to the pool that's next to the boat.  Make a camp area right in the back yard with all the conveniences of home, but just outside the fence.  Cute!

So Gramps went to work on it Friday evening.  He and Haylee went camping shopping for all the necessities.  Hot dogs for roasting, marshmellows and chocolate bars for s'mores, xtra chips, snacks, etc.  You know, all the goodies of a real camping trip.  Also some water balloons and a set of plastic horseshoe game to set up at "camp".  

Saturday morning they started putting up the tent to air out, blow up air mattress for the bed all set, towels hanging across the fence to dry, horse shoes in place, hammock strung up, lantern hanging and ready, picnic blanket ready, firewood stacked, grill, etc.  Haylee and Gramps kept adding this and that till it was as if it was a real camp site.

I think the more things they came up with , the more adorable the senario became.  It was so funny and adorable when Haylee informed me that this was a camping trip with Gramps and I could come to visit and have hotdogs at supper, but I was to stay home the rest of the time unless they needed something.  So in other words, I and the house became the local quick mart/restroom.  lol!

When they got things pretty much set, Haylee and Larry packed a little bag of clothes for night, and headed out to their "camp".  Also a little reminder as Haylee left out the door, saying "Bye Nanny,  see ya this evening for hotdogs and s'mores.  You stay here and be good."  I agreed of course to do my part of the scenario.

The weather decided to throw a little curve to them and rained for a while, but they weren't too surprised and had stuff ready.  They piled in the tent with munchies and drinks handy for staying occupied while waiting out the rain.

After the rain stopped,  they emerged and started the fire and I heard a knock on the door and the stood Haylee with the detailed instructions on where and when the hot dogs would be ready for me to join in.  :) (of course I brought my camera since I wanted pics more than hotdogs) :)

When we finished the hotdogs and s'mores and cleaned up,  I got all my hugs and kisses for the night and headed back into the house.

The two of them ended up going for a nice long quiet night walk around our land and then retired to the tent for the night.

The next morning came too early with the birds starting in before daylight with a mocking bird making sure they was awake bright and early.  :)

All in all I think it ended up to be a super great first camping trip for Haylee.  Gramps, on the other hand was pretty tired as after the sugar and chocolate of s'mores, Haylee didn't really want to go to sleep.  Once she did the air mattress went partly flat and everything was moist from the rain earlier in the evening.

But aren't the little things that don't go just ideal the things you talk about and remember the most about any adventure?  So I think she will remember this for quite some time.  I know Gramps will.  :)

 Ya know, these two are an amazing pair.  He would do anything in the world for this little girl, which I know most grandparents would, but what is so special and it shows, is that I think Haylee knows in her little 4 yr old heart (almost 5, she would say) that he is so very special to her, that she would do the same for him.  And I truly feel she will carry that special feeling in her heart for the rest of her life no matter where it leads her to be.

They have such an amazing kinship for spending time together, and yes, sometimes getting into trouble together too.

Life gets so hectic so much of the time, that I, and I am sure many others, forget to take the time to appreciate the ones closest to us, but I try to never loose site of the fact that I feel honored to be playing my little part in this great big world and in my own little world at home also with my very special people. 

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