Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Smell of Rain

 *  Less than a month ago, the temperatures were such 
 that you could have the doors and windows open with maybe 
the assistance of the attic fan to pull in a little more 
of the vivacious spring air.
That was only after suffering thru many trips to the storm 
shelter for tornado warning after tornado warning. At times I even think the weather radio got confused and named the same towns over and over not knowing which ones had warnings already.
We were extremely lucky in our immediate area.  Others in Joplin, MO and several areas around us were not nearly as lucky and we still think of the victims each passing day and say a little prayer that just maybe they can rebuild their lives and get back to a somewhat normal life soon.  And for the ones that lost family and friends in the storms, a prayer that they can 
continue to remember the sweet moments of time with the 
person they lost and for their pain to ease and guide 
the thru life a little safer.  

Because of such an overly active imagination of Miss Mother Nature, our lakes and rivers and streams present, even today, challenges for the ones living near them as they overflow.

But a quick reminder where we live - Arkansas.  
Hot, dry, humid weather was soon to set in. About 2 weeks before actual Summer season was to begin (which was on June 21st), the humidity and high temps kicked in and started kicking our booties!!

I don't think we have had one single day below mid 90's with an overdose of humidity to go along with it.  Shewww!  Going outside to even walk to the car is making me think I better take an extra minute or two in the shower and cool off while I can.  Cause drying off when I get out is a joke.  By the time of leaving the bathroom being somewhat ready, I'm tempted to go back and jump in the cool shower.   Ugggg!  And guess what - it's only the latter part of June. Our hot months around here are late July and all of August.  Oh dear!  

Yeah Yeah . . . being the lovely age to be sweating it out
during menopause years, and having lots of extra layers of insulation on, only adds to the problem.  And I know, I know,
if I could . . . . . . .!
We will save that subject for another time and doesn't
really help me out much today!  :P

But back to the good stuff - we got a very nice surprise today.  

The weatherman was even a bit surprised that it worked out
so well, a little air disturbance huffed and puffed itself into
a very nice cloudy, rainy day. 

Today is one of those days that takes you back to so many times when you are little and wonder what that sweet smell is just before it rains.  There is absolutely NOTHING like it.  There are all sorts of so called scents that promise to smell like rain.  PLEASE!!  Don't even try to convince me that they can bottle the real thing.  You know, the smell you get when it's hot and dry and just as the clouds barely arrive, you can smell it, taste it, almost feel the freshness of the first raindrops approaching.  And even if you don't want to be getting wet, the thought and smell of the rain has you pause just long enough to enjoy it until those first raindrops land.  Then and only then - you
run like crazy cause you certainly don't want the doo to
turn to goo. 

Today was definitely a nice one to be inside, sitting at my desk, (at least when Haylee allows it) and peaking out at the rain falling just outside the window making it a little more tolerable to rework and reinstall my computer for the 3rd time.  Yes, the 3rd time worked to be the charm for me to get my computer back to it's lovely annoying self.  :)

Haylee goes to school (daycare) 2 days a week and is home 3 days with me (and my mom) and we call home days - Nanny days.  I love my Nanny days with my lil Bug.  I try to come up with some sort of silly crafty thing to do along with working on a preschool workbook with her.  She can say and write all of her abc's and is actually beginning to put some together here and there and at least identify a lot of words.  

The lil Bug is amazing even though, just like all kids, she is going on 5 thinking it's 25.  
The mouth is getting her into lots of little spells of needing
a break to go sit in her room for a couple of minutes when 
the mouth runs faster than she can get by with. 

Signing off for the evening.  Have a fab one!  :)

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