Friday, April 13, 2012

As I Begin My New "Journey" (can't stand the "diet" word - yuck)

Well, here goes a lot I hope.  I am going to try to make myself accountable in this new way (blogging) to perhaps help me along the long journey I have finally decided to under go.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am admitting I am now more overweight and out of shape (and older - lol) than I have ever been.  I am working on making up my mind to make - not only a self challenge, but a lifestyle change to try to get myself under control.

Lifestyle's these days are so easy to fall into the traps of it.  Not enough time, too stressed, don't care - but not really caring enough to make the wiser choice of what to eat and making excuses not to MOVE.  It's simple to do, the word move is so intimidating though.  I try to move all the time, and seems like I am on the go for so many these days.  But no real mentionable type of exercising to get that ole' ticker ticking a bit harder.  And metabolism - what metabolism.  I don't think my body has any of that stuff.  :P

My best friend (hubby), my adorable grown up daughter, and a special lil 5 yr old granddaughter that we are raising, which is in a run all the time, and for my mother who is now living and depends on us for just about everything in her daily care.  Along with 2 dogs, etc, etc, etc.  Life - that's life!  I gotta get over that and get me straight so that I can perhaps do a better job taking care of my family better than I have been.  I CAN DO BETTER!!!

I also have to keep reminding myself on a full time - regular basis - this is for ME and 
me #1!!  I think if I feel in more control of this eating/exercising issue, I will feel more in control of life itself.

So here goes,  in spite of all the ailments I could come up with NOT to do this, I am going to try to give it a shot.  (not that I won't try to use them from time to time.  hehe)  
And try to keep in mind  - I deserve this!

I am going to try to be just as honest and forthcoming about this as I can - even on those totally crappy days which I won't want to care at all.  Even if every day I can't do the full workout things, it's a start!  Starting and sticking with it is the hardest part.   

I started 4 days ago, so hopefully this blogging about it idea, will help too.  

I may ramble here and there, but plan on giving it straight, good or bad, no proof reading, editing, just rattling around thoughts as I type.

And I am NOT going to call it that ugly "d" word which feels as much like "depriving" as the "diet" word.  I am NOT going to rush this.  Enjoy the "JOURNEY" of it all.

Enrichment and satisfaction and perhaps some inward self observance and improvement along the way will become part of the "Journey".

I hope you will hang in there with me and perhaps even join me somewhere along the way.

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