Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time to fess up for the day.

Tuesday - well at least it's not Monday again ( or is it?)

I had so much trouble getting to sleep last night, that my butt had a major case of dragging slowly behind me.  

Also, had quite a headache, so was moving slow for two reasons.
I just couldn't get moving and motivated to get myself onto that treadmill.

By the time I got going, it was my normal crazy kind of Tuesday.  There is one thing after another going on all day/evening long.  So not really adequate time to do much.  

But I did do a super job with the foods today.  Kept them spread out which I am famous for not doing very well.  

While in town running all sorts of errands, I ran by Sonic and got chicken strips for Haylee for lunch, but I didn't even get a coke. Yay!!

Although to be truthful, on the way to the next stop, I thought about pulling over somewhere and see if I could take her for those tater tots!  It smelled Heavenly!!

Also, since it was Haylee's dance day which we are home late from, we always stop at Subway and bring dinner home.  I got a 6" flat bread club sub.  I did add cheese and lite mayo, but I was well within my calories.

So, all in all, I did really good and even passed a couple of possible boo-boo's.  So hopefully tomorrow, I can get my rear in gear a lil better and get to the treading.  

Another day of being fat bites the dust!!  

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