Friday, April 20, 2012

My journey took a couple of nice turns today

Well, just when you think the day is set up and going one way, and turns out to go a total different directions - it's a pretty nice change for the good this time.

Got up first thing this morning, got myself, Haylee and mom ready and headed to the Dr. to check mom out and for her monthly B12 shot.  Ugg, just starts to rain as I start to get everyone to the car.

As we took off heading to town, the rain stops to and holds off for the
rest of the morning.  Yay!!

Mom gets so worked up and makes herself so nervous when I get her out, that I haven't done so much lately.  Don't know if that's a good thing or not.  And her short term memory is pretty much non existent any more.  But it's odd how some things stick and most doesn't but she sees someone from years ago, and knows them instantly.  Strange.

Got her back home and settled into understanding that her room is really her room, as she forgets who lives there.  She has her own rooms in part of my house.  Too many rooms is way too confusing to her.  She is so much better in her living room/bedroom with her own bath.  When I bring her into our rooms such as living room, it confuses the heck out of her instantly.  Even taking her outside for some fresh air and sunshine, and when bringing her back in, she can't figure out

Anyway, got her settled, started on Haylee a snack before convincing her to take a nap.  While doing so, Larry called and said he was going to be able to take off work for a change, and since we had someone after all to stay with mom, since her normal aide is off today, we could go to Batesville to have a nice lunch at Colton's.  Guess I could say, he didn't have to ask me twice.

Larry got home, went over everything with the new aide, and she seemed perfect and accustom and experienced enough, so got the new aide acquainted, and off we went.

Nice surprise to get out of town with my hubby for the afternoon.  Doesn't happen very often.  We went to Colton's and yes, I had a big steak, but very minimal potatoes and one roll.  Carb-wise I was super.  And just now had my shake for dinner since I ate for lunch.  So just switcharoo-ed them.  hehe = - is that a word?  lol!

Sometimes refreshing lil' last minute splurges are so very nice.  And we should all jump on them as much as possible.

Nice drive, nice visit with two of my favorite people and mmmm - my steak was fab!!


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