Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday - Ugg. Gotta switch gears!

Got a major case of the "I don't want to's" today.  Typical Monday I guess.  Ugg!

I am so aware that much of our day is how we perceive it to be.  Mine is a bit stinky.  
Ever have one of those days that seems like nothing clicks the way it seems to need to?  

I am sure putting off that treading today.  Kermit says it all in this pic I found on a site of a new peep
I added today.  LOVE it. 

I am currently taking a break from my home blessings and sitting with Haylee while she tries
to doze off to sleep.  Would definitely LOVE to join her today.  But trying to break the habit of napping as much and trying to get a lil more accomplished.  

As soon as she is out, I am going to lace up those tennis shoes and try to get that lazy ornery guy "Metabo" kicking in higher gear.  

Been fab on the foods over the weekend.  Definitely tougher with hubby home, but he was so super!  Gotta luv' him.  He really tries to do all the right things to help me, and as it be typical, sometimes has the opposite effect.  I really try to keep in mind that he's trying so hard to help.   The other day when I was fussing at myself out loud trying to kick my butt about gaining so much over the past few years, he kind of slipped and when I said "it's ridiculous, he agreed and repeated, then I heard him say for himself to shut up.  lol!  He is such a good partner in life and all the craziness we have been through over the years.  

Definitely couldn't ask for a better partner/friend/hubby to go through it with. No matter how tough life can get at times, I am always so grateful to the good Lord for the day he lead me to my hubs.  

Well, seems like baby girl has drifted off to la-la land, so guess I need to get to workout land for a bit.  

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