Saturday, April 14, 2012

The "Journey" continues. Day 6

We seemed to make it through another Friday the 13th unscathed this time.  Only one really super bad Friday the 13th experience that never seemed to end, will put you in a fear of the day, even if you aren't superstitious!  A day I wouldn't mind forgetting!

On day 5 of the new "journey" I think I did a super job.  Stayed reasonable on all fronts, logged everything I ate, walked on treadmill really well, (in spite of major heal/ankle pain).
It was pretty funny at one point, my foot was really acting up for a minute, and the Adele song came on my ipod about ""Set fire to the rain, well I was belting out that song like never before although changing the ""rain to "my foot".  Rather funny.  Actually made me forget a little bit about my foot.  :P

Larry did such a fan-tabulous job working on fixing up this old lil building that was just nasty - into a really nice workout room with weight machine, treadmill, tanning bed, stereo, tv, ac, and on and on.  I will try to get a pic posted soon.  It's really fab!!!  Makes the task much nicer.  :) 

I was texting back and forth last night with Ashley and she made it through the week really great too.  We are working on this together - long distance - through texting and checking in on each other.  Makes it a lot easier.  Larry is such a fabulous supporter, but a guy doesn't work out as well, as they have a natural advantage over us gals.  :(  

About a year ago, we had all of our pine trees cut down and during all the cleanup process, Larry dropped all of his weight by working so hard on the cleanup and really cutting down on his foods to try to get back in better shape.  It's amazing to me how he has kept it off a year now. Stayed within only a very few pounds.  Sure hope when I get "journeying" along, I can keep it off as well.  

So far today, I have done really well with the food.  Need to tread, but Ashley and I agreed, we would allow to take one day off a weekend from working out.  I think I am going to head to the workout room to do some light weights and stretching and give my foot a break and maybe hit the treadmill again tomorrow.  I sure hate to not do anything at all, as I may want to slip even more from maintaining the workout stuff.  

That's the hardest part for me!  :(

So, with shake down, and one glass of peach tea flavored water in hand, I am off to try to do some weights.  

Ta ta for now and wish me luck.  :)

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