Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to calculate exact calories YOU need to cut to lose weight and increase metabolism?

I am so excited to find out how many calories I am 
actually suppose to have to work with.

Once again I have been playing around online trying to come up with more ideas on metabolism - how it works, (and doesn't work) and how to increase.

All of us have heard of BMI (body mass index) I am not even going to go there on what mine would be at this point.

But I just ran across a site that shows how to figure out your BMR.  Basal Metabolic Rate (the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day)  Which I could do the "in bed all day" thing but not 
quite possible. lol!  

Such simple steps.  

    when you enter the correct amt into the "calculator"  click on  
   "Calculate BMR"

2.  The page will refresh and give your amt on a green line just 
     above the calculator boxes

3.  After you know your # for BMR, click on the link just under 
    the calculator that says, "Daily Caloric Needs".  
    This takes you to a new page that has a formula to figure 
    your BMR x Activity level

4.  After you have that number figured, click on the appropriate line 
    that states:  calorie intake to lose weight.
    This will take you to a new page that will explain how to adjust your 
    calorie intake and then exercise is a plus to making this factor work 
    even better.         


* I had NO idea how many calories I should really be consuming to lose weight at a safe rate, as eating too little is just as tough since your metabolism slows.  I am amazed and excited to have a formula to 
see just what it should be.  

Also, I am trying so hard to make sure I have something to eat every 
3-4 hrs.  Even if it's a little something, just to keep my stubborn lil' 
'Metabo' guy awake and clicking along.  

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