Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kicked my big butt into gear today

Here we are on Sunday morning, anticipating a very stormy evening ahead of us.  So cup of coffee with hubby and baby girl while checking out the weather channel for the updates.  Kansas and Oklahoma had a very rough evening/night of it with the storms.

Not long after the coffee, I washed my face, put the hair up and put on my treading stuff.  Looks NOT so lovely but perhaps I can worry more about the "looks" later on when I feel like I am accomplishing something.  Hopefully getting this workout done pretty early will get that tough lil guy (we will name)"Metabo" woke up just a bit since he seems almost non existent.  

I did a super D duper treading today.  For me anyway.  So long, so large and so out of shape.  I did huff and puff really well today.  I broke my speed limit today into the 3.+ avg.  Woo Hoo!  One small accomplishment for the day.  :)

I got my full 20 minutes along with 2 minutes to warm and 2 minutes to cool down.  My very touchy foot held out pretty good most of the time.  

I then did a little work on the weight machine.  Limited by the torn shoulder but I did what I could and did a lot of weighted leg lifts then stretches.  

Felt super after.  I did it one more day!  Since the workouts are the tough part of this "journey",  I kicked it's butt today.  

Since I am working with my daughter - long distance on this weight thing, we decided Sunday's is going to be our weigh in day.  Since I didn't weight until yesterday, no need for it today.

When checking in with my daughter, she did really super this week.  Inches and pounds off.  Yay!  Luv that girl!  

Still gotta take time to get some tunes set up for treading.  Having to skip through that iPod a lot to get past all the mix I have on it along with many of Haylee's kid tunes.  (although I gave in and some of those are pretty peppy to walk to - lol)  

As I write this, the storms are creeping closer.  So far only tornado watch and some severe thunderstorms.  

Also, about to start dinner.  Thinking burgers tonight, which I usually only have the burger with a lil' A1 and veggies.  

Oh btw, I will fess up and admit I had yesterday as my "skip" workout day.  I was aiming to do it, but got sidetracked (easy for me), and decided to head to town to stock up on fruits and veggies and really needed some more Slimfast.  

I actually committed and got 2 cans of Slimfast drink mix.  I think I picked up and sat ta
he second can down 3-4 times before thinking "I am GOING to do this"!!  (almost scolding myself)

I think I bought every fruit and veggie that our Wal-mart had that I thought I could tolerate, which isn't that much but went for a little variety.  

We had a big salad with diced ham on it.  Yumm!  Didn't over do on the size.

Ever try to cut up all the stuff for a salad and end up with at least twice as much as you meant to.  Not easy!

So another day to mark down as a big success on the workout and food front. 

Yay for me!  

A new week begins and I am going to try my best to give that treadmill a good workout this week.

Ta-Ta for now, stay safe out there in those storms.  

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