Thursday, April 19, 2012

Terrific Thursday My journey is moving right along.

Good morning and Woo Hoo for Thursday.  

Did really good with the shake drinks etc, and a salad with diced ham and a big variety of non starchy veggies last night, and about 1/4 bag of popcorn for watching Survivor.  Yes, I know, seems like not many people I know like the show any more, and some times we aren't crazy about an episode or two but still hooked.

Worked on some Yoga stuff yesterday, and gonna head to the treading in a bit.
Oh here are a couple of pics of the workout room that Larry built for us.  Small but
so fab efficient.  Also on the wall not seen, there is a cool ballet bar with a mirror on it that he built for Haylee to work on her dances while we tread, work on weight machine, free weights and/or tan while jammin' to iPod or stereo he mounted on the wall. 
Fab job honey!!

So far so good with the banana then shake this morning.  Should be a good day with the foods again if I can just make some headway to the treadmill with my foot giving me a very tough time.  

Sure hope the scales shows up a lil less this week.  Only hoping for one pound a week but is always nice to see more.  :)  But gotta try to keep in mind, with trying to do working out moving instead of just normal moving, I am changing fat into muscle and have to keep reminding myself - muscle weighs more than fat, but burns fat off faster!  :P

Gonna make this one more day of working hard on NOT being overweight and unhealthy!

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